Phu Yen to Exploit Da Ria Reef - O Loan Lagoon Toursim

9:25:13 AM | 6/4/2011

The Phu Yen Young Business Association has conducted surveys and agreed on plans of investing, managing and operating two national landscapes of Da Ria Reef and O Loan Lagoon in Tuy An district.
Da Ria Reef, which is measured 50 metres wide and more than 200 metres long, is a rare natural beauty spot. O Loan Lagoon is a 1,500-ha brackish water pond with many rare water creatures.
The association is preparing to set up Phu Yen Young Business Joint Stock Company to invest, manage and operate these national landscapes. The company is expected to go into operation in April 2011. In the near future, the company will focus on sea - island tourist products.
Hong Hoa