Dak Lak Coffee Producers Successfully Apply Wet Technology

8:28:43 PM | 30/11/2010

The Department of Industry and Trade of Dak Lak province said more than 30 coffee companies in the province are applying wet technologies to process coffee to ensure the premium quality. This is also the most modern coffee processing technology in the world to date.
Wet processing systems in the province are capable of processing 400,000 tonnes of coffee bean a year - the largest in the Central Highlands region. Thang Loi Coffee Company is one of pioneering State-owned companies to invest a large amount of money to apply the modern wet technology to process coffee, build complete drying yards and warehouses; thus the company always ensures the highest quality of coffee. The company’s coffee beans have been totally purchased by Japan’s Mitsubishi for years. The company’s price is always higher than the market rate by US$80 - 100 per tonne thanks to better quality.
In addition, State-owned enterprises, farm owners and smallholding units have started investing in equipment compatible for wet technology or half-dry, half-wet processing.