Dak Lak Focuses on Safe Coffee Production

4:26:34 PM | 15/4/2010

In the context of coffee price hikes, coffee companies and farms in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak are applying advanced and environmentally-friendly intensive growing methods to sharpen their coffee’s competitiveness in the international market. This has helped the firms to boost coffee export value and improve income for their labourers.
Buon Ho Coffee Company is the Vietnam National Coffee Corporation’s pilot model in the application of clean coffee development programme. The company has applied advanced technologies to improve quality of stunted and bad-quality coffee trees and those infected with Hemileia vastatrix. It has developed a coffee garden with stable quality. Last year, the firm installed a wet coffee processing line which can process all fresh coffee jointly produced by the company and farmers. During the harvest, the company picks almost-ripened coffee and processes it under the 10CTN95-98 standard for safe and high-quality coffee. Thanks to this, the firm’s value of one tone of bean coffee for export is US$41-45 higher than that of coffee which is not processed under the standard. Thus, the company’s labourers’ income have been raised by VND150,000-200,000 per month.
Thang Loi Coffee Company in Dak Lak province manages over 2,000 hectares of coffee, including 1,200 hectares for safe coffee. The company has strictly followed the process of fertiliser use to ensure the coffee growth. Besides, it does not use any presides for diseases prevention and product preservation. Currently, the firm uses over 20 per cent of its fresh coffee output to produce high-grade ground coffee for both domestic consumption and export. Value of exported bean coffee is 5-7 per cent of that of dry-processed coffee. In addition to developing safe coffee, the company has opened a high-quality ground coffee processing named COFFE VICTORIA which is designed to make 500-800 tonnes of products annually.
Based on soil characteristics and natural ecological condition as well as investment capacity, Thang Muoi Coffee Company, Phuoc An Coffee Company and Ea Pok Coffee Company, Ea Sim Coffee Company and Viet Thang Coffee Company have implemented the clean coffee production model by applying Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method, enhancing the processing of fresh coffee and tightening control cover product quality.