Dak Lak to Become Centre of Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Development Triangle

2:55:32 PM | 2/7/2009

The Prime Minister has just approved a master plan for socio-economic development in the central highland province of Dak Lak with the aim of turning it into the region’s economic, cultural and social centre in the Central Highlands region by 2020.
The socio-economic development will be based on developing the province’s advantages of human resources, land, hydraulic power and mineral resources to boost economic transition.
Under the plan, the focus will be on developing long-time industrial crops with high export values such as coffee, cashew nuts, cacao and pepper. It will also invest in industrial sectors that have the advantages of natural resources and on-the-spot material resources such as hydro-electric power and agro-forestry products. In addition to developing towns and urban areas as well as key economic sectors, Dak Lak aims to become the centre of the Vietnam-Lao-Cambodia development triangle. Buon Ma Thuot will become the biggest city in the region. The province will upgrade several townships into new urban areas such as Ea Kar, Buon Ho, Phuoc An and Buon Trap.
The province will set up some new townships which will be the centres of local sub-regions. The province will be divided into three sub-regions. The first includes Buon Ma Thuot City and districts of Cu M’ gar, Buon Don, KrongPak, Krong Ana and Lak. The second includes districts of Krong Buk, Krong Nang, Ea Sup and Ea H Leo. The third includes Ea Kar, M Drak, and Krong Bong districts.