Khanh Hoa Develops Sea-based Economy

5:54:50 PM | 7/12/2011

As a Top Ten province in economic growth rates, Khanh Hoa will develop a comprehensive sea-based economy and become a prosperous province by 2020. Vietnam Business Forum conducted an interview with Mr Nguyen Chien Thang, Chairman of Khanh Hoa People’s Committee, on the achievements and orientation in the new period. Ha Linh – Thanh Tam reports.
Please tell us the achievements recorded by the province in 2010?      
During the past years, Khanh Hoa faced several difficulties due to the impacts of the global financial crisis and economic recession causing inflation, together with natural disasters and diseases. Nevertheless, the province continued to develop its potential and comparative advantages and attained important successes in socio-economic development. The province maintained high economic growth rates in the Top Ten of Vietnam, with fast and sustainable economic development. The position and image of the province has been improved at home and abroad.Progress has also been made in economic restructuring. In 2010, the service-tourism sector made up 44.19% of GDP, industry-construction 42.23%, and agriculture-forestry-aquaculture 13.58%. The service-tourism sector is developing its comparative edge and leading in growth rates, for instance, oil and gas transit distribution contributed 6.87% of Khanh Hoa GDP.
Regarding industry-construction, the province has set the foundation for some spearhead industries such as ship-building, processing, aquatic product export, etc. Many products of local industry have been exported and meet local demand such as ship building and repair, processing tobacco, cashew nut, sea products, bird’s nest, garment and yarn.
The ratio of agriculture continues to reduce while increasing in quality, especially in new species, application on science and technology and irrigation works.
Many important projects serving as the driving force of the province have been completed and operated, such as Cam Ranh international airport, Nguyen Tat Thanh and Pham Van Dong roads, Eakrong Rou hydro-power station, coastline parks, tourist centres and a series of hotels: Vinpearl, Ana Mandara, Song Lo, Hon Tam, Sunrise, and Saigon-Yasaka. Many other projects are under construction and will contribute further to the province’s socio-economic development.             
 In 2010, Khanh Hoa has granted licenses to three FDI investment projects. So far, the province has 71 FDI investment projects (34 projects outside industrial zones, 19 in Suoi Dau IZ, 18 in Van Phong IZ) with total investment capital of US$791.6 million. While 773 local businesses have registered investment capital of VND3,503 billion, increasing the total number of local businesses to 5,800.
As Khanh Hoa has a comparative edge in tourism, how would you develop this industry?
Khanh Hoa is developing infrastructure and urbanization to become a city under the central government. Nha Trang seaport will be upgraded into a tourism seaport of international standard. Infrastructure will be developed in Van Phong economic zone and Cam Ranh peninsula to attract investments. Van Phong international transit seaport together with the seaport network and Cam Ranh airport will be upgraded. The road network and Nha Trang-HCMC express railway will be built to expand the transport and communications inside and outside the province.
The tourism-service sector will be developed in quantity and quality and make Nha Trang a tourist centre of Vietnam, a city of international events. The province will develop trademarks, diversify tourist products and upgrade infrastructure, trade and services to meet the demand of tourists.
 Industry is also a driving force of the province, how will it play the role in the new period?
Khanh Hoa gives priority to industries of high competitiveness, knowledge-intensive and high technology to produce export products and increase market share. The province will attract investments in ship-building and repair, port and logistics services, agriculture-forestry-aquaculture processing, garment, footwear, brewery and refreshments. The province will focus on the development of high technology such as electronics, IT, new industrial materials, bio-technology, software application and production.
The province will attract investments to fill industrial zones of Suoi Dau, Ninh Thuy, Van Ninh, South and North Cam Ranh and some parts of Van Phong economic zone. Infrastructure development will be accelerated in small and medium-sized industrial centres in Ninh Hoa town and districts of Van Ninh, Dien Khanh, Khanh Son and Khanh Vinh to attract investments. Handicraft and craft villages will be encouraged to contribute to the industrialization and modernization of rural areas.
 Khanh Hoa will accelerate the sea-based economy with high priorities for maritime transport, sea ports, ship building and repair, tourism and aquaculture. By 2020, the sea-based economy will make up 55 – 60% of province GDP, with 65 – 70% in export value.
 To meet the demand of socio-economic development, how will Khanh Hoa develop its human resources and apply modern science and technology?
 Khanh Hoa will focus on training a skilled workforce in areas of comparative advantages. Capacity building and vision of managers will be upgraded to meet the increasing demand for industrial development in the province. Professionalism and working style will be improved, especially in the tourism and service sector.
The province will increase the transfer and application of high technology, especially in bio-technology, clean industry and IT, creating breakthroughs in productivity, quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, administrative reform will be accelerated to upgrade management, international cooperation and economic integration.