PV Gas South Quang Ngai: Success in both Business and Social Work

4:59:07 PM | 13/8/2013

Not only being successful in business activities and contributing much to the province, PetroVietnam Southern Gas Joint Stock Company – Quang Ngai Branch (PV Gas South Quang Ngai) is also active in social work and community development. Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Pham Tien Manh, Director of PV Gas South Quang Ngai, on the above activities. An An reports.
Could you briefly introduce PV Gas South Quang Ngai’s activities?
Set up in 2009, PV Gas South Quang Ngai is a branch of the PetroVietnam Southern Gas Joint Stock Company (PV Gas South). PV Gas South Quang Ngai is tasked to focus on two main works namely managing and operating the Dung Quat LPG depot with a holing capacity of 3,500 tonnes of LPG together with the LPG filling station system and the canister painting, repairing and recalibrating workshop for the southern central and central highland regions; and purchasing, selling and supplying LPG for consumers in central and central highland regions.
Each month, the Dung Quat LPG depot imports and exports 5,000 - 6,000 tonnes of LPG. PV Gas South Quang Ngai’s customers alone averagely consume 2,000 tonnes a month. At present, the branch is mainly selling cylindered LPG.
In 2012 alone, PV Gas South Quang Ngai’s LPG output reached an average of 2,000 tonnes a month, up 20 percent over 2011, and raked in revenue of VND50 billion. In addition, with a widespread agent and retail outlet system in southern central and central highland provinces, the unit is a leading LPG supplier in the central region.
How have you contributed to socio-economic development of Quang Ngai province?
Together with its production and business tasks, PV Gas South Quang Ngai has made important contributions to the social and economic development of Quang Ngai province. At the moment, the branch is supplying LPG products sourced from Dung Quat oil refinery to households. Besides the above-mentioned business achievements, PV Gas South Quang Ngai also creates tens of thousands of jobs for local people which are highly paid and given all treatments specified by the State regulations.
PV Gas South Quang Ngai also frequently takes part in social movements like presenting gifts to the poor, families with wounded soldiers and martyrs, families with recognised contributions to the revolutionary and poor islanders, and helping unlucky fishermen of Ly Son island district in Spratly Islands. Also, the branch is also a regular customer of many services provided by local businesses.
How is the safety in Dung Quat LPG depot operations?
Safe operation is always a top priority of PV Gas South Quang Ngai. The LPG depots are furnished with modern equipment and advanced technology with absolute safety and operated by qualified and well-trained engineers and workers. Every year, the company has plans to purchase equipment to replace obsolete ones to ensure safety. Although the filling and storing system was put into operation not long ago, the branch strictly maintains and examines equipment and this work is done regularly and continuously to ensure good operation and safety of the facility. Tank trucks also have to meet safety conditions and drivers are properly trained to operate the equipment. In addition, the branch signed contracts with professional security units and collaborated with local authorities to ensure the safety of the depot area.
What is your opinion about the investment environment in Quang Ngai province?
In my opinion, to date, Quang Ngai province has a good and effective investment climate. This is evidenced by investment attraction policies, efforts for administrative procedure reform, effective coordination of management agencies in the province. The interest of many investors in VSIP Quang Ngai Industry - Urban - Service Complex, which is prepared to be commenced, also proves this.
However, in my point of view, Quang Ngai province in general and the Dung Quat Economic Zone in particular should have more support policies to provide more favourable conditions for investors. The province needs to develop and improve infrastructure such as roads, electricity, water, electricity and logistics services to ensure secure operation for investors.
Would you be kind enough to tell us the branch’s operation orientations in 2013?
Economic performance and social consumption are projected to be weak in 2013 but the branch still aims to achieve the results as in 2012 and maintain its market share and customer base. PV Gas South Quang Ngai also strives to operate its facilities in full capacity, continues to build up its image in Quang Ngai, and promotes the brand of PetroVietnam Gas in the southern central - central highland markets.