Thien Tan Group: Towards Leading Private Business in Quang Ngai

5:00:08 PM | 13/8/2013

During its 13 years of construction and development, Thien Tan Group has constantly made positive contributions to socio-economic development of Quang Ngai province. The group’s projects always focus on homeland construction and development, and help Quang Ngai province realise its objective of becoming a modern industrial province by 2020.
Name made by projects
Not only creating motivations for provincial industrialisation and modernisation, Thien Tan Group’s projects are also developed in response to the Government's orientations of improving living quality of people, efficiently tapping potential in extremely poor, mountainous and remote areas. The typical project is Ha Nang hydropower plant in Tra Thuy commune, Tra Bong district.
Especially, Thien Tan is the investor of expanded National Road 1 - a national project vital to socio- economic development of Quang Ngai province in particular and of the region in general and suitable to overall transportation development planning and orientation. The VND2,138 billion project was built in the BOT (build - operate - transfer) form and expected to be completed by December 2015. The work has a total length of 29.4 km, stretching from Km 1,063+877 to Km 1,092+577 and running past Tu Nghia, Mo Duc and Duc Pho districts. The road has the surface width of ​​24 metres (expanded by 6 metres each side) and has four traffic lanes for motorised vehicles, two lanes for rudimentary vehicles. The speed limit on this section is 60-80 kilometres per hour.
In addition, Thien Tan Group has completed the construction of a byroad for National Road 1A that runs past Duc Pho town, Duc Pho district. Once completed and put into use in 2015, the project will help accelerate economic development of Duc Pho town as it reduces traffic flows into the town, creates infrastructure synchronisation, and minimises traffic accidents.
Currently, Thien Tan Group’s projects are being accelerated to meet the schedule. Mr Huynh Kim Lap, President of the Board of Directors of Thien Tan Group, said the company always meets favourable conditions during its project implementation because it has anticipated plans for site clearance, and it specially has the active support and response of localities where projects are located. He said the favourable conditions the group has are largely attributed to constant endeavours of more than 200 employees. Defining that “Personnel is valuable property and the key to the company’s success,” Thien Tan always attaches great importance to promoting qualifications, skills and expertise of its employees. For Thien Tan, human resource development is an important factor to enhance competitiveness, overcome difficulties and challenges, and complete projects on schedule.
Tying business to community benefits
Each month, the company pays VND700 million of taxes to Tra Bong district. This is a great effort of the company and a huge contribution to the locality as Tra Bong is a mountainous district.
Besides, with a view to "Sharing profits with the community is the social responsibility of the company", Thien Tan is always at the forefront of social welfare and community development activities. The group does not do these works for face-lifting purposes but it does for real long-term benefits for the community. Currently, Thien Tan Group led by Board President Huynh Kim Lap founded the “Dream Horizons" Scholarship Foundation which has supported 50 poor students with outstanding study records to overcome difficulties to harbour their dreams and ambitions. Unlike other scholarship foundations, the Dream Horizons Scholarship Foundation not only hands one-time scholarships to students but gives them many till they complete high-school educations. Beneficiary students will get VND1 million each for their study each month. Only after more than two years of operation, the fund has become the strong spiritual and material fulcrum for poor students in the locality.
Currently, Thien Tan Group has the owner’s equity of VND3,000 billion and four member companies. According to the plan, the company’s equity will reach over VND5,000 billion in the next two years. Striving to become a leading private business in Quang Ngai province, Thien Tan Group will expand its business scopes and strengthen investment cooperation with firms from the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Japan and India. The firm will specially expand cooperation and coordination with big Japanese corporations like Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Hitachi. In addition, the group will increase investments in projects the society needs and considers this a right way. Mr Lap said “Although this field has not had competition, we will still continue to take on hard projects and promote all available resources to improve the living quality of the community and make Quang Ngai more prosperous."
Cong Luan