Dak Lak Power Company: Promoting Energy Saving Communication

4:16:48 PM | 22/10/2013

Implementing the direction on the Action Plan of “Year of business and customer service” of the EVN Group, the Central Power Corporation, in the first 9 months of 2013, Dak Lak Power Company (PC Dak Lak) has basically completed major criteria, producing 704 million kWh (target 694 million kWh) of commercial power and earning VND1,039,829 million (target VND1,014,473 million). To achieve these figures, in recent years, PC Dak Lak has comprehensively implemented many activities from receiving low voltage grid for rural areas, reducing power for transporting and distributing, applying prices in compliance with regulations to raise average prices, to investing in basic infrastructure construction, constructing or improving the electric network, ensuring stable and continuous power supply to serve people’s demand.
Currently, many people, units and enterprises are participating in saving power, which will ensure power source to serve living, producing and trading of people and enterprises. Recently, Dak Lak has saved VND1.8 billion with the emulation programme “Families save power in 2013”. After 3 months of mobilising, the programme has attracted 92,000 households in Buon Ma Thuot city. Based on power consumption of customers in 3 months of April, May and June 2013, there were nearly 7,600 households that achieved 10 percent savings from the same period the previous year. Total saved power was over 1.2 million kWh, equivalent to VND1.8 billion, of which there were over 3,500 households saving over 20 percent, with capacity of over 786,000 kWh.
Mr Le Hoai Nhon, Sales Deputy Director of PC Dak Lak, said: “After 2 years of implementing, saved power capacity and its value have strongly increased. It has shown the importance of saving and the influence of the programme. To maintain these achievements, in the following period, apart from organising emulation programmes, PC Dak Lak will promote communication to spread information to power consumers, as well as improve awareness of customers in using energy economically and effectively”.
Under the circumstance that growth rate of additional charge is always higher than that of power source, implementing the programme “Families save power in 2013” of households has a large effect. Besides saved power capacity, the other impressive achievement is the improved awareness of people about this issue.
Minh Tien