Ninh Thuan Moving Steadily in 2014

2:54:34 PM | 24/2/2014

Despite the difficulties facing the world’s and Vietnam’s economy, under the wise leadership of the provincial Party and solidarity of the people, Ninh Thuan today has taken on a new appearance, becoming more prosperous. Elatedly stepping into 2014, a pivotal year for implementation of the Resolution of Ninh Thuan’s Party Congress XII (term 2011-2015), Ninh Thuan provincial Party and people are determined to reap more achievements, bringing Ninh Thuan closer to the target of joining the top 20 most prosperous provinces in Vietnam.

In 2011-2013, the average GDP growth rate of Ninh Thuan was 10.4 percent, increasing 1.18 times compared to the 2008-2010 period. Revenue increased significantly with a growth rate of 16.9 percent in 2013, reaching VND1.498 billion, 12 percent beyond the projected number. GDP per capita reached VND23.5 million. The investment structure shifted positively; attracting investment from various economic sectors also has positive changes. The number of projects granted Investment Certificates for 3 year terms accounted for over 50 percent of the total projects, of which there are many large-scale projects registering investment in advantageous fields of the province, which when implemented, will create motivation for the province to improve socio-economic development in the coming period.

The socio-economic infrastructure is invested from various funds. In the 3 years from 2011 to 2013, many key projects in transportation, irrigation, water supply, drainage and other important social-cultural works are implemented, including some completed large scale projects such as 8 reservoirs with the scale of 58.3 million m3; a 500-bed provincial hospital and numbers of district hospitals. In transport investment, the province has completed nearly 200 km of urban roads, inter-district rural roads and a number of large-scale projects are being implemented such as the coastal road, Highway 27, Highway 1A through Ninh Thuan and Tan My irrigation system, which will create incentives to promote the province’s socio-economic development.

The social sector has achieved some progress. Social welfare policies are implemented promptly, tackling unemployment and poverty reduction. From 2011 to 2013, the province has settled 47,059 new jobs for workers, decreasing the poverty rate by 2 percent/year.

Besides, spillover effects appearing after investment promotion conferences in Ninh Thuan helped create a new brand and image for the province, increasing investment attractiveness. Accordingly, there is a growing number of prestigious foreign and domestic corporations taking interest in investment in the province’s advantageous areas such as clean energy, tourism, industry, agriculture and high technology. So far, the province has granted Investment Certificates to 204 projects with a total registered capital of over VND44,455 billion (of which 23 FDI projects have registered capital of VND11,863 billion). Ninh Thuan also approved 39 projects (VND52,619 billion); of which the number of completed projects being implemented are 87 projects (VND3,975 billion), accounting for 42.6 percent of the total projects. In particular, in 2013, there were 10 completed projects being put into operation, contributing to increase production capacity and to contribute to the overall growth of the province such as Saigon-Ninh Thuan Brewery, brick factory and Nui Chua visitor site. Some large-scale projects are being implemented, including areas of marine tourism and wind power, creating new development opportunities in the future.

In the immediate future, in 2014, the main targets of Ninh Thuan are striving to achieve GDP growth rate of 12-13 percent, GDP per capita of VND26.8 million, budget revenue of VND1.500 billion – up 6.7 percent compared to 2013, export value of VND70 million – up 16.5 percent, total social investment capital of VND7,610 billion – up 24.3 percent, and total retail sales and services revenue increase of 16.5 percent. In the social sector, Ninh Thuan targets new jobs for 15,500 workers, reducing the poverty rate by 2 percent/year; and implements vocational training for 9,500 people.

To achieve these goals, Ninh Thuan will focus on eight key solutions, particularly mobilizing resources for investment development. First, the province will focus on mobilizing funds to support the key development and diversifying investment funds from preferential credit; investing in the form of BT for some transportation projects that are in pressing demand; strengthening the accountability of the leaders, stepping up inspections and examining discipline and administrative disciplines. In addition, the province will also strengthen trade promotion and market expansion. At the same time, the province will continue to implement cooperation programs signed with other provinces in the South Central region and 9 provinces in the Central Highlands.

Binh An