Quang Tri Building Conducive Investment and Business Environment

12:50:38 PM | 22/10/2014

Greater emphasis on human resource training
Mr Hoang Van Vinh, Chairman of Hai Lang District People’s Committee
The province must pay more attention to training and retraining human resources through various flexible forms; review, adjust and supplement training facilities to meet socioeconomic development requirements, improve training quality and base training on market demands; develop labour market information systems, improve performance quality of job centres, link career training with skills and labour discipline improvements; and issue labour support policies for businesses and investors.
Think-tanks are away from reality
Mr Pham Trung Dong, President and CEO of Quang Tri Industry - Electricity Consulting Company
Quang Tri province is poor in natural mineral resources and lacks synchronous transport infrastructures. In the past years, although the provincial government has tried a lot to improve and attract investment, Quang Tri is narrowly accessible to investment opportunities from the central government because some officials are far from the local reality and rigid in their work. Or in other words, this is rooted from the backward thinking of local think-tanks. Moreover, coupled with low employment opportunities and poor production, the tariff system is also one of the barriers. In my opinion, in the future, the province needs to make further improvement to attract investment capital for infrastructure. This must be considered a key task in investment attraction.
Businesses must be praised and honoured timely
Mr Tran Huu Phuoc, Director of Sepon Travel Joint Stock Company
Quang Tri is a land of rich history and tradition. Hence, it holds great potential for history-based tourism development. Therefore, the province has focused a lot on building the local tourism brand. Many tourism companies are operating in the province but they lack support to promote their capabilities. Therefore, the company hopes that the province will have policies to praise and honour businesses timely as a way to introduce good-performing companies to others. This is a good form of branding.
Opening business dialogues
Mr Nguyen Cong Trinh, Director of Phong Phu International Joint Stock Company - Quang Tri Branch
Quang Tri province has effectively built a good investment and business environment and created favourable conditions for local enterprises, domestic and foreign investors to develop. But, the province should open dialogues with businesses to learn more about their issues.
Infrastructure needs upgrading
Mr Nguyen The Mai, Deputy General Director of MDF VRG Quang Tri Joint Stock Company
One of the biggest difficulties for enterprises in Quang Tri Province is transportation. Facilities and infrastructure fails to meet transportation demands, thus raising costs 10-15 per cent. This of course affects the competitiveness of companies as product prices are raised. Therefore, we eagerly hope local and central governments will consider building and upgrading transport infrastructure, particularly ports, to create more favourable conditions for enterprises to do business.
Duy Anh