VDB Cao Bang: Giving Wings to Projects to Fly High

11:58:11 AM | 6/4/2015

In spite of not having as many customers as other banks in Cao Bang province, the Cao Bang Branch of the Vietnam Development Bank (VDB Cao Bang) has made significant contribution to local development, which is appreciated by the government of Cao Bang province. Its funded projects helped change life in the province.
VDB Cao Bang Director Bui Minh Hieu said the branch, set up in July 1, 2006 under the former name of Development Assistance Fund Branch, gave wings for local projects to fly high. With a not-for-profit operating philosophy, the branch has lent to many important industrial projects in Cao Bang province, like cement plants, cast iron smelters, sugar plants and Na Loa hydropower plants. Especially, the branch always ensures interest-free loans for rural development projects.
To fund more important investment projects in Cao Bang in the coming time, VDB Cao Bang will focus investment credit and export credit on financing watering canal construction, rural infrastructure construction, aquaculture and crop cultivation. Besides, the branch will continue to fund rural energy, irrigation, fishery and hydropower projects which will help improve the living standards of local people. Although the results are small in number, what VDB Cao Bang province has done is very significant. The branch will accompany the province toward development and prosperity.
Bich Hanh