Working Together for Better Investment Environment

10:49:29 AM | 23/5/2019

Kon Tum province always gives enterprises and investors an important position in the development process and attaches special importance to creating a convenient, secure, friendly and responsible investment environment. Highly appreciating the effort of the provincial government for a better investment destination, many investors have chosen to locate their projects in the province. Vietnam Business Forum would like to excerpt opinions of businesses operating in the province.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Chien - Director of Kon Tum Power Company

In recent years, the investment environment of Kon Tum province has been increasingly improved and the transport system has been invested in a synchronous and continuous manner. The province has paid special attention to reforming administrative procedures to provide more favorable conditions for enterprises.

In order to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) and strengthen its magnetism to investors far and wide, I think that Kon Tum province should pay attention to building a force of truly professional, diligent, qualified, capable, dedicated, responsible, friendly and sincere  civil servants to court investors to do business in the locality. At the same time, the province needs to further speed up administrative reform, build and operate the public administration center powered by Technology 4.0 to quickly resolve administrative procedures, reduce harassment and bureaucratic acts and shorten the time for people and businesses when they deal with administrative procedures. The province needs to focus on perfecting the synchronous technical infrastructure, including the electricity system, especially industrial parks. As for the power sector, Kon Tum Power Company always provides every favorable condition and ensures high access to electricity for businesses, thus enabling to bring their projects into operation in the shortest possible time.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chung - Director of Dak To Forestry Co., Ltd

To lift up its PCI standing, Kon Tum province must engage all levels and branches of government to strongly reform administrative procedures, reduce the time of settling administrative procedures, make public employees friendly to people, actively raise their professional and IT levels qualifications in handling public administration. The province needs to further improve institutions and policies to draw investors, regularly review and supplement inappropriate legal documents and abolish invalid documents; study to reduce the time needed to handle investment project licensing and business establishing procedures. At the same time, the province needs to focus on improving the competence of service providers to better support services for investors to carry out their projects in the locality and assist investors and enterprises to assess, approach the market and promote investment through local investment promotion programs.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quy - Deputy Director of Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd

In order to improve the PCI Index, I think that the province should soon launch an action plan for a higher PCI in 2019 - 2020. It should assign tasks to relevant levels and sectors to work out specific PCI improvement programs and plans, with the first priority given to low component indices. For low component indices, improvement programs and plans should focus on analyzing and clarifying causes to seek reform solutions and ensure effective reform programs.

In addition, Kon Tum province needs to improve the quality and competence of delivering business support services; ensure and improve the stable quality of business services such as electricity, water, telecommunications, credit and banking. It should assist organizations and enterprises to identify and access markets, promote investment through investment promotion programs, and build investment promotion publications with high quality contents and images.

Mr. Vo Duy Tuan - Director of Kon Tum Petrolimex Company

To boost business performances of local enterprises, Kon Tum province needs to work to reform and reduce investment administrative procedures and condition to license investment in the fastest manner while providing favorable conditions for enterprises to easily access land resources and related tax policies.

At the same time, the province also needs policies to attract abundant quality human resources; support skills training for local workers and facilitate business startups and assist them to access capital sources. In this way, I believe that Kon Tum province’s PCI will significantly pick up in the coming time.

Mr. Dam Phuc Tuyen - Director of the Management Board of Kon Tum Traffic Construction Investment Project

What impresses me most is that the leadership of Kon Tum province always pays attention to directing administrative reform, directing the effective deployment of the single-window mechanism for administrative procedure settlement to support investors and enterprises, reduce the waiting time and increase investment opportunities. It has also made citizen and business service public and transparent.

To strengthen business trust, gradually improve the PCI Index, in my opinion, Kon Tum province needs mechanisms and policies to support investors and businesses to integrate successfully. Specifically, the province should focus on dealing with difficulties faced by businesses in production and business activities, especially relating to tax, land and investment policies; constantly renovate and enhance the effect of business advice and support and investment promotion; timely settle administrative procedures for enterprises and investors; ensure open policies and mechanisms and a favorable legal framework and environment for them to do effective business in the locality. In addition, the province needs to closely follow and assist them to develop in the locality; and fully apply central and local incentive policies for them; accelerate administrative reform; and provide necessary consultation and support for them.

Mr. Le Kha Liem - General Director of Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd

To increase its PCI, Kon Tum province should focus on stepping up administrative reform and reducing administrative compliance costs to increase time cost score and performance in the PCI Index in the coming time. To carry out State regulations, the province needs to review effect causes, take measures to prevent abuse and harassment and reduce unofficial costs for enterprises to improve the informal charge index and strengthen private business confidence in local legal institutions.