Bac Ninh: Ongoing Efforts for Business Climate Improvement

11:10:37 AM | 7/10/2020

For four consecutive years after 2015, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Bac Ninh province did not reach the Top 10 (still in the Top 20). However, in 2019, the province made a big breakthrough when its standing rose to No. 4 in the PCI Rankings with 70.79 points. This success came from its relentless efforts to improve the business environment and enhance competitiveness.

Defining that improving the business environment and enhancing competitiveness is a regular and long-term task, Bac Ninh province has carried out consistent actions to achieve these goals. In 2016, the province established a working group to support local enterprises and the “business doctor” model. This model has enabled authorities to promptly grasp and resolve many problems for enterprises. At the same time, to prevent harassment of enterprises and build a friendly, safe and transparent business environment, these “business doctors” consulted and supported 13 companies to solve their outstanding problems, for example Thien An Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in Que Vo II Industrial Park and Binh Minh Paper Joint Stock Company at Phu Lam Industrial Complex. To date, the “business doctors” have received and resolved more than 300 complaints about difficulties and problems from local enterprises; and acted as a matching bridge for enterprises and the government to meet and seek solutions to remove bottlenecks and difficulties in the shortest time. In addition to the effective “business doctor” model, over the past years, Bac Ninh province has carried out many innovative solutions and initiatives for administrative procedure reforms to improve investment attraction and business facilitation, especially dialogues between authorities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In 2019, the province conducted eight business dialogues where a lot of problems were resolved.

Those efforts were illustrated in its PCI ranking in 2019, which climbed 11 places to No. 4 with 70.79 points. Eight out of 10 component indexes went up. The transparency index increased from No. 53 in 2018 to No. 6. The informal charge index rallied from No. 51 in 2018 to No. 6. The legal institutions index climbed from No. 40 in 2018 to No. 1 in 2019.

To pick up two declining indices in 2019 (market entry and labor training), Bac Ninh is stepping up the review of public administrative procedures at reception and delivery units on the province’s electronic system, regularly updating changes in administrative procedures; launching more online public services of Level 3 and Level 4 for some administrative procedures; building annual and 5-year human resource development plans; and expanding vocational training system and training - employment cooperation. The province also urged strengthening association of local job placement centers with industrial parks to connect and support enterprises in training and recruitment. Besides, it assigned officials to develop and forecast human resources to ensure stable supply, create multidimensional information channels and connect training schools across the country with local businesses to attract qualified workers.

Chairwoman of Bac Ninh Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Huong Giang said, in the coming time, the province will speed up settlement and prevention of bureaucratic harassment of people and businesses, and further improve its PCI Index. Unit leaders will be seriously sanctioned if they lack responsibility in reforming public administration, improving the business environment and settling petitions from citizens and enterprises. Bac Ninh will further strengthen the performance of provincial and district public administration centers to boost public and business satisfaction.

By Bui Lien, Vietnam Business Forum