Tien Giang: Efforts to Be a Southern Key Economic Zone

10:32:11 AM | 27/11/2020

After five years of carrying out the Resolution of the 10th Tien Giang Provincial Party Congress (2015 - 2020 term), with the thorough and close leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, the active and adaptive administration of all levels of authorities and with the common unanimity of people and businesses, Tien Giang achieved outstanding socioeconomic outcomes to become one of the best performing localities in the Mekong Delta. Importantly, these sweet fruits also created a new position and force, as well as a very broad space for the development of Tien Giang in the future.

Rising up from difficulties

Fulfilling the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress in the past term, Tien Giang province faced both advantages and difficulties like natural disasters and the COVID-19 epidemic. With the determination of leaders at all levels and the consensus of the people, Tien Giang has overcome difficulties to advance. Most socioeconomic development targets and tasks were achieved and exceeded. State budget revenue reached VND45,799 billion (compared to VND36,875 billion stated in the Resolution); the rate of communes meeting new rural development standards was 83.2% (versus 50%) of total communes; and new Party member admissions were 8,793 people (versus 6,500 people). The gross regional domestic product (GRDP) expanded by an average of 7.3% a year. GRDP per capita was estimated at VND58.6 million in 2020. The economic structure was shifted towards a designed pattern where the share of industry, construction and services is rising and the share of agriculture is shrinking.

Knowing that investment for key infrastructure is a leverage for economic growth, in the past term, Tien Giang province concentrated resources to develop social and economic infrastructure systems, especially agricultural production infrastructure, transport infrastructure and urban infrastructure. The province saw significant progress in education, science, technology, culture, sports, and healthcare. The New Rural Development Program produced many practical results; social security was ensured; and the material and spiritual life of the people was continuously improved.

Party committees, authorities, Fatherland Front bodies and mass organizations at all levels were constantly reformed and streamlined to enhance operational capacity and performance. Social investment increased, with focus placed on government-funded public investment. The province managed to maintain defense and security and expand foreign affairs and international integration. The capacity, qualifications and responsibility of public employees was improved.

Along with fostering rapid and sustainable economic development and ensuring social security, during the past term, Party building was also paid special attention by Tien Giang province. Party construction and rectification was strengthened, with focus placed on politics, ideology, organization and morality as long-term fundamental, strategic tasks. Party reorganization was an important, frequent and urgent task. The province seriously and effectively carried out resolutions, directives and conclusions of the Central Party, especially Resolution 4 (12th term) and Directive 05 of the Politburo on responsibility and power of Party members to prevent ideological and moral degeneration.

Determined to be best performers in southern key economic region

Given that international economic integration and globalization has been deepened, Tien Giang province has many favorable conditions for further socioeconomic development. Seizing this opportunity, the Executive Board of the Provincial People’s Committee defined that, in the new term (2020 - 2025), Tien Giang will build a clean Party system with strong politics, ideology and organization; strengthen solidarity, democracy, dynamism and creativity; and mobilize diverse resources to unlock local potential and advantages, change the growth model, restructure economic sectors to raise quality, efficiency and competitiveness to accelerate rapid growth and strong economic restructuring. The province will focus on developing central urban areas, foster urbanization, and improve the quality of new countryside construction together with sustainable poverty reduction; develop human resources; enrich culture and society; and raise people's material and spiritual life. Tien Giang will rationally and effectively manage and use natural resources, and protect the environment; actively respond to climate change and overcome consequences of natural disasters. The province will step up administrative reform, digital government, administration apparatus at all levels, Fatherland Front and sociopolitical organizations. It will fortify national defense and security; build up the armed forces; keep close watch on all developments to promptly handle emerging issues. Tien Giang will build a contingent of qualified, ethical and professional public employees to fulfil new tasks.

All above efforts are aiming to make Tien Giang a developed province in the southern key economic region and enable the province to self-balance budget income and expenditure by 2025. In the new term of 2020 - 2025, Tien Giang targets to achieve GRDP growth of 7.0-7.5% a year; raise per capita GRDP to VND91.5-93.5 million by 2025; lower the poverty rate to below 1%; have 100% of communes meeting new countryside standards; generate jobs for 16,000 workers each year, and extend water supply access to 97% of rural households.

To accomplish the above objectives and targets, the Provincial Party Committee defined breakthrough stages: Investing and forming key products and driving areas to improve quality and efficiency to apply science and technology to fruit production, processing and consumption; building a synchronous infrastructure system, with focus placed  on transport and irrigation infrastructure; and developing human resources to meet market demand and create fundamental changes in education and training quality to meet Industry 4.0 development requirements.

The Party, government and people of Tien Giang province enter a new term of 2020 - 2025 with many advantages and challenges together. However, with a solid foundation, built by achievements in the past term of 2015 - 2020, and with a heroic revolutionary tradition, the province is confident that the entire political system will successfully implement the Resolution of the 11th Provincial Party Congress to make Tien Giang province increasingly civilized, prosperous and beautiful.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum