VietinBank Tien Son IP Providing Customers with Professional Products, Services

10:23:07 AM | 16/12/2020

In nearly 15 years in Bac Ninh, VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park has become a reliable partner for customers, specially FDI companies. Its professional products and services as well as valuable support for customers have made VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park a first choice of customers in Bac Ninh province, as well as in other provinces and cities. To find out more information, our reporter has an interview with Mr. Ly Thanh Thao, Director of VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park. Nguyet Tham reports.

VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park has contributed significantly to the investment attraction success in Bac Ninh province in particular and in Vietnam in general. So, what is behind the success of VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park?

VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park, a branch of the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank), was established in 2006 from the upgrade of a second-tier branch. The branch focused on carrying out core values of the VietinBank culture, especially “Customer-centered” and “Dynamic, creative, professional and modern” values. These two important factors make up the branch's success today.

Currently, the branch is serving large corporate customers and FDI businesses which have much higher requirements on product and service quality as well as service style than other classes of customers, forcing the branch’s staff to constantly work harder to fulfil their needs. The branch always keeps in mind that, before it makes any transaction with customers, they must ask and answer the question: “Is this decision the best for customers and the best for VietinBank?" At the same time, it must always be active and flexible to bring really outstanding values to customers.

Would you be kind enough to introduce some outstanding product packages that have made the name of VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park? What is the difference in these products that makes customers confident in choosing VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park?

VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park provides a complete range of banking product and service packages for customers. One notable product is the industrial property credit package, targeting industrial zone infrastructure investors and customers seeking credit to build factories for rent. Popular customers of this package include Viglacera Corporation, VSIP Group and BWID Company. With many years of experience in lending for real estate projects, we have consulted effectively and sided with customers from the time they prepare documents for their investment projects, land compensation, site clearance, sales, capital recovery and reinvestment. That support is one of major the differences of VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park from other banks in the region.

Currently, VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park has sided with investors operating four large-scale industrial parks in Bac Ninh province: Yen Phong and Yen Phong II-C invested by Viglacera Corporation, VSIP Bac Ninh and VSIP Bac Ninh II invested by VSIP Bac Ninh Company. In these industrial zones, VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park set up transaction offices to best meet their credit needs as well as tenants’ needs.

Another outstanding product package that VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park is offering to customers is the VietinBank eFast product package. This technologically powered product has integrated many utilities that demonstrate the leadership of VietinBank. With VietinBank eFast, customers can manage their accounts and perform financial transactions around the clock, thus optimizing cash flows and enhancing operational performance. In particular, in the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, this product becomes even more meaningful when it is used by many customers.

In addition to these two outstanding product packages, the branch is offering customers a wide range of comprehensive banking products, services, and financial solution packages. Common products such as working capital loans for business activity, foreign currency trading, import-export financing and guarantee and international payment are trusted and highly appreciated by customers.

What are the commitments of VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park to partners and customers?

VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park is committed to providing customers with the best products and services and ensuring optimal benefits for customers. Specifically, for the borrowing needs of corporate customers, the branch meets all their credit requirements with reasonable lending rates and fast application procedures without any extra unreasonable costs. For their deposit and payment needs, the branch ensures fast and convenient transaction procedures and efficient cash flow management for them. For their foreign currency, trade finance and other needs, the branch guarantees to fully meet their needs, offers conscientious consultation and settles documents very quickly.

In particular, as a key FDI-focused branch of Vietinbank, the branch is committed to providing a full range of financial advisory and investment advisory packages for FDI enterprises, performed by professional experts and consultants who are fluent in common foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. VietinBank Tien Son Industrial Park is determined to strengthen the capacity to serve this customer segment to maintain its current advantages and ensure future development strength to contribute to the overall success of the VietinBank system during international economic integration.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum