Bac Ninh Public Administration Center Toward Service-Centered Administration

10:19:15 AM | 16/12/2020

Since its inception, Bac Ninh Public Administration Center, district-level public administration centers and commune-level interagency single-window divisions have brought out positive effects and facilitated citizens and businesses to settle administrative procedures. Ms. Dao Thu Ha, Deputy Director of Bac Ninh Bac Ninh Public Administration Center, said that after three years in operation, the center has brought practical effects and gradually moved towards a service-oriented administration.

How do you assess the performance of the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center since its operation?

In three years of operation, the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center has achieved the most practical results, shown in the following three major aspects:

First, building a transparent, service-oriented administrative system. All administrative procedures are publicly listed at provincial and district administration centers and commune-level interagency single-window divisions. Results of administrative complaint settlement are publicized and settlement processes are publicized. Appointments for record settlement are properly notified and delivered. All feedback and recommendations are responded to. People are free to express their feelings and assessments through software or opinion forms provided.

As a result, we have managed to reduce service time, cost for people and public service personnel. The time of resolving administrative complaints is reduced by 2-3 days on average, even by 16 days. Citizens spend less time and cost traveling to administrative agencies to handle their procedures. This positive development has also helped reduce personnel for administrative agencies. The quality of processing administrative procedures at public administration centers at all levels has been increasingly improved. At the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center, 100% of administrative procedures are settled on time and ahead of time.

Second, building a modern, professional and responsible administration. Over 60% of administrative procedures at the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center are handled according to the “four on-the-spot” method. The process of handling administrative procedures at the center is inspected, supervised and urged by competent officers with professional measures, right from the stage of receiving and accepting application forms and requests, to ensure publicity and transparency. It seriously adheres to appointment dates and results delivery dates.

Information technology and software are synchronously applied and used across three levels of administration. As many as 1,682 administrative procedures have been mapped according to ISO 9001-2015 standards.

Third, improving the satisfaction index of people and businesses. Survey results conducted by the Bac Ninh Institute for Economic and Social Development showed that over 90% of people in 2018 and 98% of people in 2019 were satisfied with public services. For many years, the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) of Bac Ninh secured top rankings. In 2019, it rose to No. 4 nationwide, 11 places higher than in 2018.

Bac Ninh is currently considered a northern industrial center, boosted by FDI firms and many large domestic corporations. How has the center partnered with businesses in dealing with administrative procedures?

Since its inception, we always follow the motto “taking the satisfaction of people and businesses as a measure of performance” to side with businesses.

We advised the Provincial People's Committee to request relevant bodies to appoint well-qualified employees with proven good political and ethical qualities, solid expertise and professional skills to work at the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center and perform administrative transactions. We have processes to monitor and assess the results of resolving administrative procedures to avoid nuisances caused to enterprises by public employees. Enterprises are enthusiastically welcomed and provided with specific and thoughtful instructions.

The center builds a switchboard system and provides online support for people and businesses in case of any question. The telephone hotline number, 0889091555, is public and is always ready to receive, listen to, and respond to feedback from people and businesses.

We deployed IT application projects and smart tools to improve the quality and effect of handling administrative procedures. The software system is developed synchronously, integrated with the single-window software of agencies to manage records, from reception and settlement to final delivery of results in the unified process.

The center coordinates with postal service units and electronic payment agencies to create the most favorable conditions for businesses to resolve administrative procedures.

On the occasion of the Bac Ninh Investment Promotion Conference for the 2021-2025 period, as the leader of local administrative agencies, did you share or have any messages to investors who are present and seeking to invest in Bac Ninh?

Business satisfaction and development is a convincing performance measure of the Bac Ninh Public Administration Center. Investors coming to Bac Ninh are committed to actively and effectively assist in resolving administrative procedures.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum