Impressions in Agricultural Restructuring

10:17:45 AM | 16/12/2020

Agricultural restructuring and rural development is an important task clearly stated in the Bac Ninh Economic Restructuring Project, coupled with changing the growth model to enhance quality, performance and competitiveness in the 2014-2020 period.


In five years of implementing the project, the agriculture sector of Bac Ninh province has achieved many breakthroughs in crop and livestock restructuring and production and consumption processes. It has focused on promoting local advantages, enhanced added value and obtained sustainable development. The production structure in each sector also has clearly shifted the focus from quantity to quality and value. The yield on a hectare of cultivated land has continuously increased over the years (estimated at VND109 million in 2020, an increase of VND24.8 million over 2013), providing stable income for farmers. Affiliated production programs are initially effective. Up to now, the average rate of chain-joined products has reached 8%: Rice: 2%; vegetables and food: 12% and other crops: 20%.

Advanced scientific, technical and technological progresses have been fostered to support the formation of many hi-tech agricultural parks. The share of technologically driven agricultural production value was estimated at over 30% of the province's agricultural production value. Many organizations, individuals, cooperatives and enterprises have boldly invested in high-tech agricultural development and increased economic productivity.

Animal husbandry has shifted strongly from smallholding farming to centralized farming. In 2020, the province had 116 large and medium livestock farms, which raised 95,000 pigs and 1.4 million fowls. Other high-tech livestock farming models have also confirmed their position. In fisheries, developing fish cage farming on the rivers has brought about high economic value. To date, more than 2,000 fish cages have been built in the province, mainly in Luong Tai, Gia Binh, Thuan Thanh, Tien Du and Que Vo districts, and more than 5,000 ha of water surface in bonds is used for intensive fish farming.

The National Target Program on New Rural Development has actively carried out the campaign “All people unite to build a new countryside, a civilized city”, the economic infrastructure system has been upgraded synchronously and modernly. Cottage industries were restored and expanded to create jobs and incomes for rural workers. All 97 communes meet new countryside standards. All eight districts are expected to fulfil new countryside standards by the end of 2020.

Towards sustainable development

In the coming time, to create a strong shift in agricultural and rural development, fostering high-tech agriculture and building advanced countryside are major tasks of agricultural restructuring of Bac Ninh province, approved by the 20th Provincial Party Congress (2020-2025 term).

Accordingly, the Bac Ninh agricultural sector will concentrate on continued shift to a reasonable production structure, based on its reviewed land-use plans, high-tech agricultural development and agricultural urbanization. The sector will develop chain-based production, especially for key agricultural products of the province by enhancing technological application, prioritizing information technology and biotech application to organic agriculture. The province will develop livestock and crop farms and fish farming areas based on high-tech, biosafety and food safety criteria; promote collective economic development; consolidate and improve the performance of agricultural cooperatives; expand sustainable agricultural production cooperation and connectivity; and promote branding construction and development of agricultural products.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum