Gia Lai toward Rapid, Sustainable Development and Rich Identity

2:09:58 PM | 17/12/2020

This is one of the most notable contents in the Resolution of the 16th Gia Lai Provincial Party Congress. Specifically, the resolution aims to tap local potential, advantages and resources to build Gia Lai into a province of rapid, sustainable development and rich identity to become a driving force in the Central Highlands by 2030.

In order to realize this resolution, Mr. Vo Ngoc Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, said that, in the coming time, Gia Lai will focus on stable economic growth and economic restructuring, effectively carry out the master plan on economic restructuring and growth model change and sector restructuring plans to improve quality, effect and competitiveness based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Gia Lai province will develop agriculture and rural economy coupled with new countryside construction; develop a comprehensive modern agriculture coupled with processing industries, closely link production and consumption of products; “restructure the agriculture sector, ensure the best structure of crops and animals for each region; attract businesses to invest in high-tech agriculture and downstream processing; and develop cattle and poultry husbandry towards a centralized large-scale production,” he emphasized.

The province will “focus on expanding agricultural processing industries for export; attract investment in renewable energy projects to tap local advantages; form highly connected industrial zones; improve quality and develop service industries; and focus on tourism development in line with local potentials and strengths.”

Besides, Gia Lai will focus on developing economic sectors and the business community, enhance the effect of investment promotion and attraction; facilitate and support the establishment and development of enterprises; consolidate and reorganize operations and development of cooperatives; foster regional connectivity and cooperation with other Central Highlands and Central Coast provinces to unlock regional and local potential strengths; and boost the role of Le Thanh International Border Gate to develop trade with Cambodia and Laos.

In culture and society, according to Mr. Vo Ngoc Thanh, the province will strongly and synchronously upgrade education and training to improve the quality of human resources to meet socioeconomic development demands, accelerate educational socialization to engage private investment in high-quality school construction and development; carry out health policies for the people, and raise the Human Development Index; and focus on improving healthcare quality, especially at the grassroots levels.

Gia Lai will continue to pay attention to social security policies, employment and incomes for local workers; increase investment resources for science and technology; improve State management of culture and sports, uphold traditional cultural values; and promote and preserve cultural heritages and tourism development.

The 16th Gia Lai Provincial Party Congress also defines the need to focus on construction and carrying out four key programs, including:

First, building and improving the quality of public employees at all levels with standard qualifications, competence and prestige to perform their tasks duly.

Second, building synchronous infrastructure, especially infrastructure in dynamic areas.

Third, attracting investment resources for development of agriculture, processing industry, renewable energy and tourism.

Fourthly, developing sustainable forestry, enhancing livelihoods and increasing forest coverage to adapt to climate change.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum