Quang Binh - Potential, Secure and Distinctive Destination to Invest

10:10:52 AM | 15/1/2021

“Potential, Secure and Distinctive” is the theme of the Quang Binh Investment Promotion Conference 2021, the starting activity for the new development phase of 2021-2024. This event takes place on the occasion of the commencement of Quang Trach 1 Thermal Power Plant. This is also an opportunity to boost a new image of Quang Binh province as a promising land for economic development, tourism, renewable energy, agriculture and forestry development.

With internal strengths, constant efforts and burning aspirations for higher development, Quang Binh is a potential, safe, unique and reliable investment destination for all investors. The province is now calling for investment in many potential fields such as tourism, industry, agriculture and services.


Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park - World Natural Heritage

Covering an area of ​​123,326 ha (in Bo Trach and Minh Hoa districts), Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park was twice recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage for its geological value ​​and biodiversity (according to geological and geomorphological criteria in 2003, and biological and ecological diversity criteria in 2015).

Quang Binh is known as the "kingdom of caves" with an estimated 1,000 caves of all sizes which were formed millions of years ago (just over 400 caves have been surveyed and measured) to create unique discovery and adventure products for tourists.

+ Son Doong Cave (announced in 2009) holds the record for being the largest cave in the world (Guinness World Records) at nearly 9 km in length, 150 m in width and 200 m in height.

+ En Cave is the third-largest in the world with a length of nearly 2 km. It has the largest and most famous cave entrance: 120 m high and 140 m wide.

+ Pygmy Cave is the 4th-largest in the world with a length of 845 m, a height and width of 100m.

+ Other caves of unique and outstanding value in the world and the region include Phong Nha -Tien Son, Thien Duong (Paradise), Tu Lan and Nuoc Nut.

Some tourism types

Discovery and adventure travel

- "Conquering Son Doong" - High-class domestic and international tourist route. Hang En and Tu Lan tours with different time and adventure levels. Activities: camping in caves, trekking and swimming in the underground river, etc.

- Phong Nha - Ke Bang including the Mooc Brook, the Chay River - Toi Cave (dark cave), Botanical Garden, etc. Activities: Zipline, Kayaking, mud bathing and mountain climbing.

- Potential locations: Da Ravine (Dong Hoi), Nuoc Trong Ravine (Le Thuy) and Tam Lu Waterfall (Quang Ninh).

Leisure and sporting tourism

- The 36-hole golf course system has been put into operation and the world-class coastal golf course system is being built.

- Coastal resorts: Many famous beautiful beaches such as Da Nhay, Nhat Le - Quang Phu, Bao Ninh and Hai Ninh.

- Hot spring resorts: Bang mineral hot spring (Le Thuy district), with temperature of 105 C, is building an ecological and disease-healing resort under the Onsen model (Japan), expected to be put into use in the middle of 2021.

Cultural - historical - celebrity tourism

- Cultural and festival tourism: Fish Worshipping (February), Minh Hoa Festival, traditional boat racing (September), and folk singing.

- Historical and celebrity tourism: Quang Binh Gate, Princess Lieu Hanh Temple, Hoang Phuc Pagoda (700 years of history), and Tam Cave of Young Volunteers

Commercial and tourism infrastructure is being focused on synchronous investment and modernization. Resorts, hotels, and golf courses have been built for tourists of different classes.


Quang Binh province expects to develop 10 GW of electricity for the national grid (including approved projects added to the revised Power Master Plan VII and power source projects submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Government for adding to the National Electricity Development Plan in 2021 -2030 and further to 2045 or Power Master Plan VIII).

* Thermal power: EVN started the Quang Trach 1 Thermal Power Plant and carried out procedures to prepare for Quang Trach 2 with a total capacity of 2,400 MW.

* Solar power: Located in the tropical northern hemisphere belt, the temperature is characterized by tropical monsoons featured by high temperature distributed evenly all year round. The total amount of radiation is 1,256.04÷1,418.86 kWh per square meter a year. The number of sunny hours in the coastal plain is 1,650 - 1,820 hours. The average daily intensity of radiation by month and year is 4.03 - 4.545 kWh per square meter a day. The total capacity of solar power projects registered in the National Power Development Plan is about 1,241.5 MWp

* Wind power: Average wind speed is from 6-6.75 meters per second (at the altitude of 120 m) in the sea and on land. The total capacity of wind power projects registered in the National Power Development Plan is about 3,889 MW.

* Gas fueled electricity

The province is adjusting the plan and calling for investment in a 3,000-MW LNG-fired power plant in Hon La Economic Zone.


Quang Binh province is focusing on climate-adaptive agricultural development as well as achieving the highest added value thanks to scientific and technological advances in export-oriented agriculture and high-tech aquaculture according to VietGAP and Global GAP standards.

- Land used for agricultural and forestry purposes is 720,425 ha, of which forest land accounts for 78%. Especially, with more than 324,000 ha of production forest, timber reserves reach 14.85 million cubic meters - a great potential for forest development and the wood processing industry.

+ Mountainous and hilly areas are advantageous for developing forests and farms, planting medicinal plants, developing eco-agricultural and experience tourism.

+ Delta is suitable for smart, climate-adaptive agricultural development and environmentally friendly organic agriculture, high-quality rice production, feed production and meat processing.

+ Sea and coastal areas have great potential for developing aquaculture, livestock farming, vegetable and fruit production combined with tourism.

+ Especially, with 116 km of coastline and five major estuaries, these areas are ideal places to develop aquaculture, fish farming and catching for export. Especially, deep-water aquaculture uses high technology and automation.


Creating a breakthrough with administrative procedure reform is central to attract investment capital into the province.

- E-government is applied for business, customs and tax registration to ensure fast, accurate and effective results.

- The Provincial Public Administration Center quickly handles administrative procedures according to the single-window mechanism. Over 85% of dossiers are delivered on time or ahead of time.

- The Smart Urban Operations Center was established. In 2021, it will apply artificial intelligence (AI) to track the progress of administrative procedures and integrate feedback of people and businesses through its mobile application.

- The amended Investment Law and the amended Law on Enterprises, effective from January 1, 2021, opens up expectations to create breakthroughs in improving the business investment environment, generating opportunities to foster strong development of businesses and investors.

- The province will host regular investor/business meetings to understand their requirements, difficulties and problems in carrying out their projects and to speed them up.

- In addition to applying the highest incentives in the regulatory framework of the central government, Quang Binh has its own supports and incentives for key groundbreaking projects and other projects where the province encourages investment.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum