Improving Environmental Monitoring Capacity

10:15:27 AM | 5/2/2021

Phu Yen Natural Resources and Environmental Monitoring Center has the function of environmental investigation, observation and analysis; performing consulting activities and services for organizations and individuals in the fields of natural resources and environment, sea and islands in Phu Yen province. Over the past years, the Center has promptly provided data to state management agencies for environmental management, forecasting and protection, contributing to the province's socio-economic development.

With the attention, direction and conditions of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the efforts of all public servants and employees, in 2020, the Center has basically completed the approved tasks. In particular, the unit has closely followed Decision 509/QD-UBND dated April 3, 2020, of the Provincial People's Committee approving the Plan of environmental monitoring and analysis in Phu Yen province by 2020; and Decision 171/QD-STNMT dated May 12, 2020, of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment on ordering the provision of environmental monitoring and analysis services in Phu Yen province by 2020 to develop a working plan.

Specifically, the total number of monitoring points is 226 points, of which: 59 points for monitoring the surrounding air environment, analyzing with 10 parameters; 59 monitoring points for the continental surface water environment, analyzing with 18 parameters; 54 points for monitoring the coastal water environment, analyzing with 13 parameters; 34 monitoring points for groundwater, analyzing with 13 parameters; 17 soil monitoring points, analyzing with 5 parameters; and 3 sediment monitoring points, analyzing with 6 parameters. The Center has synthesized, analyzed, assessed and completed the monitoring report according to the phases; reporting on results of synthesis of environmental monitoring and analysis in 2020, approved by the Provincial People's Committee according to regulations.

For the task of water quality monitoring in aquaculture areas, lagoons and bays, the Center has completed 3 rounds of water quality monitoring in aquaculture areas, lagoons and bays in Cu Mong Lagoon and Xuan Dai Bay (according to the annual monitoring coordination plan with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development).

In the service consulting activities in the field of natural resources and environment, the Center has performed contracts on: Making environmental impact assessment reports for 5 projects, including the approval decision of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (1 project), the Approval Decision of the People's Committee of Phu Yen province (3 projects), revising and supplementing for approval (1 project); Planning environmental protection for 1 project, certified by People's Committee of Tuy Hoa City; Preparing a report on current environmental status of Phu Yen province for the period 2016-2020, inspected and submitted for approval; and Contracts for the implementation of environmental monitoring programs.

In addition, in 2020, the Center coordinated with relevant units of the Department to implement the Project on improving capacity of environmental monitoring in Phu Yen province in the period of 2019-2020, with a vision to 2025; Preparing a dossier of modification of the Service operation license according to Decree 127/2014/ND-CP dated December 31, 2014 of the Government on conditions for organizing the environmental monitoring service activities; Coordinating with units in performing environmental sampling in unexpected events.

Mr. Ho Minh Vu, Director of Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring Center in Phu Yen province, said: From now to 2025, the Center will continue to perform tasks and solutions to improve the environmental monitoring capacity in Phu Yen province, to meet the requirements of the socio-economic development, catching up with the trend of modernization, smart environmental management, and striving towards integration with the domestic environmental management level.

In particular, the unit will focus on main contents such as: Investing in automatic and continuous monitoring stations for water and air environments in important and sensitive locations; Designing and building the database management and operation center to connect and receive information and data on monitoring surrounding water and air environment from the local automatic and continuous monitoring stations, and connect the monitoring data to the Central database management and administration centers.

“The unit will focus on additional investment in machinery and equipment to improve environmental analysis. At the same time, it will build human resources, train and improve capacity for environmental management officers and staff working on field monitoring and analyzing samples in the laboratory," said Mr. Ho Minh Vu.

By Nguyen Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum