Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd: Effective and Sustainable Steps

11:15:33 AM | 29/4/2021

Not only affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, central people had to constantly struggle against natural disasters and historic floods last year. Despite mounting hardships, with the enthusiastic leadership of General Director Thai Bao Tri and the solidarity, activeness, creativity and effort of all the staff, Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd developed more strongly to secure its leadership in Vietnam Rubber Industry Group.

Striving to overcome difficulties, affirm the brand name

Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd, formerly known as Hiep Duc Quang Nam Forest Enterprise, was established in 1998 under the policy of the Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee on rubber development aimed for crop restructuring to enhance commerciality, prevent deforestation and give a facelift to mountainous areas.

Over 20 years of construction and development, Quang Nam Rubber has helped raise incomes and livelihoods for ethnic minorities in mountainous areas, and aligned its stable development with creating sustainable livelihoods for local people. On that journey, the company always makes endless effort with its united employees to successfully complete all business targets and plans assigned by Vietnam Rubber Industry Group.

General Director Thai Bao Tri said, “2020 is a particularly difficult year for the economy in general and Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd in particular. Quang Nam province was repeatedly affected by two COVID-19 outbreaks and devastating floods. The worst-hit was Storm No. 9 on October 28, 2020, which caused great damage to the company's farms, while the rubber price has declined continuously for many years. Turning difficulties into a driving force, the company leadership actively proposed consistent solutions in management and operation such as cost efficiency, effective investment management, scientific and technological application, management solutions, enabling the company to sustain business growth and expand State investment funds. The company fulfilled its financial obligations to the State budget and took care of all employees. Their salary and benefits have been promptly paid and their incomes have been gradually improved.”

Affirmed brand positioning is the crosscutting goal for company development. In particular, in order to prove its prestige and brand name to partners and customers, the most important factor is that the company has upheld its prestige and brand name to employees and rubber growers by focusing on the quality of the working environment, the quality of life and the treatment policy.

Towards sustainable development

In 2020, Entrepreneur Thai Bao Tri officially became the General Director of Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd. His primary goal is to develop a sustainable business by harmonizing three-party benefits: “Shareholders, the company and employees”, and lift the company to its true stature as a leading brand in the rubber industry of Vietnam.

According to the motto "Sustainable business development", Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd is always concerned about environmental issues. The company has always invested, renovated and upgraded the rubber wastewater treatment system in latex processing factories, adopted new advanced technologies; installed exhaust filtration systems to minimize air pollution; and used deodorizing chemicals to meet local environmental requirements. In addition to upgrading and building a new wastewater treatment system, the firm has focused on proper technical operations and fuel management; complied with distance safety according to which factories are located far away from residential areas; and adopted clean production technology and economized production inputs, thereby reducing waste sources that pollute the surroundings.

Over the past time, the company has taken many measures with respect to cleaner production where use of herbicides, chemicals and chemical fertilizers are restricted. Instead, it has used bio-fertilizers and bio products for plant protection. For processing factories, the company has limited chemical use and built wastewater treatment systems to meet required standards. In 2021, the company will launch the Sustainable Forest Plan for entire farming areas and certified sustainable forests for 1,767 ha.

Labor is the core factor for the company’s development and success. In addition to ensuring employee interests in accordance with the law, Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd eagerly attracts workers by business-driven income increase; and improves the spiritual and material life of employees. The firm also focuses on training and developing long-term human resources, especially high-quality labor, to meet its development requirements, goals and strategies in the next stage.

Sharing about the development strategy in the following years, General Director Tri said, “The company will seriously deal with difficulties, capture opportunities, lift awareness, reshuffle operations, utilize capital sources, invest boldly in equipment and people, and apply advanced technology to production and business. In the coming time, the Company will seek partners for developing organic agriculture using high technology. Furthermore, it will develop business fields like smart organic agriculture, timber processing and forestation according to sustainability standards. Since then, Quang Nam Rubber Co., Ltd will become a thriving and inclusive entity in the rubber sector.”

Taking quality as the key to integration, investing in technology as a vehicle, and regarding employee building as the decisive factor, Quang Nam Rubber is determined to create a new development step to reach new highs in the cause of national industrialization and modernization.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum