An Ninh Industrial Complex - Ideal Destination for Investors

10:07:18 AM | 24/11/2021

With a convenient location, available rentable land, well-connected traffic network and abundant human resources, An Ninh Industrial Complex is expected to become an ideal destination for businesses when they invest in Thai Binh province.

Locational advantages

An Ninh Industrial Complex is located at the western gateway of Tien Hai district, right on National Highway 39B, 16 km from Thai Binh City, 50 km from Hai Phong Port, a short drive to Thai Binh Economic Zone. The industrial complex is thus easily connected with economic centers and traffic hubs such as airports, seaports, national highways, coastal roads, and available infrastructure.

With this strategic location, a synchronously connected transport system, an easy access to input supplies, trade exchange centers and traffic hubs, the industrial complex has many opportunities for cooperation with big investors in the economic zone. In addition, according to a survey into infrastructure investors, the industrial complex lies in a residential area of 15 communes and towns of Tien Hai and Kien Xuong districts where human resources are abundant, with about 10,000 workers.

Especially, to catch a new wave of investment inflows, An Ninh Industrial Complex will continue to expand its scale to 75 hectares in the coming time. This promises to create a large land bank with synchronous and modern infrastructure to welcome secondary investors to develop sustainably in the future.

Modern, synchronous infrastructure

Our policy is to actively woo large investors. We give priority to projects using advanced technology, environmentally friendly technology to enhance the effect of infrastructure utilization and land use value to foster local economic development. We are determined to build An Ninh Industrial Complex into a green, clean, effective and sustainable industrial destination.

Mr. Vu Huy Dong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Damsan Joint Stock Company

Mr. Vu Huy Dong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Damsan Joint Stock Company, said, “To help accelerate economic development of Thai Binh province and prepare infrastructure for investment inflows, shortly after its inception, Damsan cooperated with relevant agencies and Tien Hai district to focus on site clearance, and immediately embarked on construction of modern and synchronous infrastructure for large-scale projects.”

The traffic system is planned to meet standards: 12.5-meter wide D1 belt roads, 30-meter wide D2 trunk roads directly linked to National Highway 39B and other asphalted internal roads (D3, N1, N2 and N3) planned to be 13.5 meters to 16.5 meters wide. The planned area of green trees and water surfaces accounts for more than 10% of the total area to create a green, clean and beautiful landscape and protect the environment. The province completes wastewater, solid waste, gas and industrial waste treatment facilities according to Vietnamese standards, helping tenants achieve sustainable development.

With well-prepared infrastructure investment, An Ninh Industrial Complex aims to attract investors engaged in various industries, with priority given to textile and garment, mechanical engineering, handicraft, agricultural processing and supporting industries.

When investing in An Ninh Industrial Complex, in addition to investment incentive policies on land, tax, production and other support applied by Thai Binh province, secondary investors are also supported with legal procedures and investment procedures to bring their facilities into production. These important factors are helping the industrial complex assert its position and gain the trust of domestic and foreign investors.

Huge investment inflows

With a synchronous infrastructure, a convenient location, abundant human resources and maximum support policies for investors, three secondary investors were licensed to invest in the industrial complex: AD Green Energy Group Joint Stock Company, An Ninh Thai Binh Investment Joint Stock Company and Dong Tin Ho Nam Group Co., Ltd, with a total investment fund of VND2,500 billion. They registered to lease 18.2 ha, bringing the occupancy rate of Phase 1 to 52%, and to hire 900 workers.

An Ninh Industrial Complex is one of the first industrial property projects invested by Damsan Joint Stock Company. Costing VND320 billion for construction, the industrial complex has a total area of 49.87 ha, including 37.4 ha of rentable industrial area.

AD Green Energy Group Joint Stock Company invested in building a 7.9-ha factory to make 1.8 million solar panels a year. This product is installed with the most advanced technology in the world to convert light energy into electricity, made by modern and automated production lines. Finished products of international certifications and standards are recognized and qualified to supply to the most demanding markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe. After it goes into operation, the company will continue to invest in another facility to produce panel-based items like solar lights.

Designed to attract textile and garment, mechanical engineering, handicraft, agricultural processing and supporting industries and developed by highly determined Damsan, An Ninh Industrial Complex will definitely become an ideal destination for investors when they come to Thai Binh province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum