Nui Phao Mining and Mineral Processing Co., Ltd Excellently Carrying out Dual Goals

10:00:27 AM | 3/3/2022

In the face of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to epidemic prevention measures ensuring employee health and safety, Nui Phao Mining and Mineral Processing Co., Ltd has actively taken many solutions to boost business and implement the “dual goals”.

Maintaining growth momentum

In addition to preventing the COVID-19 epidemic, the company stepped up its production and business and strived to complete its goals. In 2015-2020, the company paid VND5.7 trillion of tax to the state budget.

Mr. Vo Tien Dung, Director of External Relations, Community and Environment, said that from now to 2025, Nui Phao will shift from mining and processing minerals to manufacturing high-tech materials, providing material solutions for advanced industries globally; conducting downstream processing of minerals to increase the value and ensure sustainable development and prosperity. Currently, the company is actively exploring and expanding Nui Phao mine; simultaneously searching and exploring new mines; and cooperating with domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Regarding downstream mineral processing, the company is making the report to authorities to complete procedures for construction of Dong Vang Smelting Factory with a yearly capacity of 12,600 tons and 450 kg of gold. Besides, Nui Phao is carrying out procedures and research on construction of a tungsten recycling plant and conducting research and construction of a tungsten powder and alloy factory in Vietnam. These are important foundations for Nui Phao to affirm its leadership in the global high-tech materials industry.

Siding with Thai Nguyen development

One key factor to Nui Phao’s success is that the company has always focused on accompanying local development in 11 years of business operation. The company has focused on three main contents: Business growth, environmental protection and community development towards sustainable development.

Beside effective business, Nui Phao has always paid much attention to environmental protection. Environmental management is coupled with business and carried out in line with legal documents. The company fully complies with legal regulations on environmental records and procedures. Simultaneously, pollution control and prevention is also of major concern to the company leadership. It has invested in many modern and advanced environmental protection facilities to control pollution. All wastewater is collected and treated by the company to registered standards before being discharged into the environment.

Furthermore, to benefit local people, Nui Phao created a loan fund for economic recovery entrusted to the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, Thai Nguyen Branch. With an initial value of VND6 billion, up to 340 poor households have received preferential loans worth more than VND15 billion. The company’s projects have helped create full-time jobs for about 1,500 employees, each of whom is paid VND12.5 million a month on average.

Last but not least, Nui Phao Mining and Mineral Processing Co., Ltd regularly focuses on social security and community development support by building community infrastructure, scaling up agricultural extension to create sustainable livelihoods for people; and protecting community health through investment in sanitary water supply, environmental protection and charity.

Mr. Vo Tien Dung, Director of External Relations, Community and Environment, said, "The current success of Nui Phao comes from the great care and support of the provincial government. Spreading and inspiring the desire for prosperity under the light of the motto “High determination - Great effort - Drastic action" of the provincial government has strongly helped local businesses in general and Nui Phao Mining and Mineral Processing Co., Ltd in particular. We hope that we can help develop the province with our investment projects and social security activities.”

By Vietnam Business Forum