Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd Devoted to Employees

9:55:04 AM | 18/7/2022

Constantly improving the working environment and remuneration policy is a top priority of Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd to stabilize the long-term workforce and strengthen employee loyalty to the Company.

Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd, a member of RSI multinational corporation, mainly manufactures upmarket garments for export. Currently, the company has more than 2,000 employees, mainly young. Over the past time, the company has not only cared about the jobs, income, and skills of employees, but also promptly grasped their thoughts, aspirations and circumstances to have timely solutions to difficulties that may occur at work. As a result, they feel secure to work and believe in growing development of the company.

Stacy Cheng, Finance Director of Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd, said, "In 2021, Vietnam faced the 4th wave of COVID-19, but the company was fortunate enough to stay unaffected as it mainly manufactured sports items (like Yoga suits), which were in high demand during the epidemic season. Importantly, the company still maintained a stable workforce of enthusiastic, loyal employees and obtained very good business results.”

During the epidemic peak in 2021, the company still ensured jobs, incomes and livelihoods for employees and kept them safe against the epidemic. In addition, the working environment is always paid special attention by the company, employees are allowed to work in an air-conditioned, light-assured and modern environment. Employees’ skills are regularly improved by inhouse training and this enables the company to guarantee product quality and requirements. The skilled, devoted workforce is really considered the biggest "property" of the company.

“The company's goals in 2022 are extending the previous year's performance, growing revenue and profit, and ensuring living standards of employees. The most important task is deepening their awareness and shaping their thinking with life skills training classes such as communication skills, expenditure management skills, problem-solving skills and time management skills to enable them to work effectively and feel confident in daily life,” she said.

The employee care and the active approach of the company's leadership has helped Viet Thuan Apparel Co., Ltd to successfully complete its business and production tasks in the past year. In the coming time, the company will further promote its achievements and pay more attention to employees to strengthen internal solidarity and build up the finer employee - company relationship.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum