Ninh Thuan Province's Investment Environment in the Eyes of Investors

1:30:56 PM | 1/9/2006

Even though projects have been implemented in Ninh Thuan province for some years, they are effective. Vietnam Business Forum had a discussion with representatives from some enterprises about Ninh Thuan’s investment environment and their business and production activities.
Pham Manh Hung, general director of Hung Dai Duong Trade and Production Company
Ninh Thuan province has abundant stone resources of high quality. After exploring a greenstone mine in Phuoc Nam commune and the Camry redstone mine in Ninh Phuoc district, we decided to invest VND 50 billion in building a plant for stone exploitation and processing in the province. This is one of the plants with modern technology, capable of producing 400,000 square metres per annum. In September 2005, the plant was inaugurated and started operation. The plant’s green granite products are beautiful and durable. The products are now sold nationwide via our company’s agents. They have been used for many major works.
I think to attract investment effectively the local authorities should identify exactly potential and opportunities in each field to provide consultancy services for investors. With adequate information, investors will make decision quickly. Do not discourage investors by wasting their time.
Truong Thai Son, deputy director of the Hoang Quan Company
We have an ambition to become a professional industrial park infrastructure developer. We have invested in industrial parks in Binh Thuan and Vinh Long. Having known that Ninh Thuan province is planning the development of the Du Long industrial park, we have worked with local authorities on the issue. Representatives from the Hoa Chen Long Duc Phong Group, China, said they had highly appreciated investment opportunities in the province. We are preparing things to start the building of infrastructure facilities of the park as soon as possible. At the same time, we are calling for enterprises to invest in the park.
Tran Dinh Minh, director of the Nam Thanh Construction, Trade and Production Company
I was destined to invest in Ninh Thuan province. Also, the province has offered an open investment environment. I think Ninh Thuan has more opportunities for investors with large land fund, abundant labour force, cheap materials and services.
Our plant has become the first and only plant in Ninh Thuan province to treat and recycle waste into new products for the community. The plant has six workshops for treating and sorting organic and inorganic waste. Organic waste are recycled into fertiliser, while inorganic wastes, plastic materials, rubber bricks and formwork. Having overcome first difficulties, some products of our plant have found a foothold in the market. Our trademark ‘Green globe’ has become famous. We have won contracts to supply materials for rubber and cotton companies, and farmers. In particular, micro-bio fertiliser under the trademark of ‘Green globe’ with organic actives helps plants grow and make soil fertile.
Le Van Huy, director of the Hoan Cau tourist site
I am a local investor. Having received incentives from Ninh Thuan province, I have implemented the first tourism project at the Ninh Chu beach. Total area of the Hoan Cau tourist site is eight hectares. We provide various services, including restaurant, hotel, entertainment, sport, karaoke and coral reef exploration at the Vinh Hy bay.
I think Ninh Thuan has great potential for development. However, it is necessary to invest in developing infrastructure for tourism. For example, at Vinh Hy, there are no hotels or guest houses for tourists to stay. I would like to invest in building more restaurants and hotels to keep visitors staying longer. It is an urgent need as more and more visitors have flocked to Ninh Thuan. If you cannot meet their demand, you will lose business opportunities. However, Ninh Thuan is waiting for the planning of centrally-run agencies, so it is difficult to call for investment. Recently, I have to rent land of people at the wharf to build a guest house for visitors to Vinh Hy bay.
Duong Thanh Son, director of the Saigon Ninh Chu Tourist Joint stock Company
Ninh Thuan is land of natural beauty. Also, it is located in the centre of the Binh Thuan – Lam Dong – Khanh Hoa tourist triangle. Therefore, we have decided to invest in the Saigon-Ninh Chu tourist site. With great support of local authorities, our project was developed smoothly. So far, the tourist site has become operational with 102 rooms, a restaurant, a cafeteria and two bars which can receive 300 guests. We hope that the tourist site will help visitors have a good impression of Ninh Thuan and more and more visitors will come to the province. We wish that the province will complete its planning of major tourist sites and promote investment in infrastructure development for calling for investors.
Reported by Song Phuong