Bamboo Furniture Producer Helps Promote Bamboo Planting in Lam Dong Province

11:22:44 PM | 20/7/2009

Bamboo furniture producer, the Grass Company Limited, on July 17 formally agreed with farmers in Da Teh district to invest in planting Tam Vong bamboo while helping protect the environment with the support of a U.S. Government conservation program.
The partnership with Grass Co. is supported by the Asia Regional Biodiversity Conservation Program (ARBCP) to help isolated communities increase their incomes through bamboo furniture, flooring, and construction materials development activities. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Regional Development Mission for Asia, ARBCP is implemented by Winrock International.
Grass Co. recently reached an agreement with 50 households in An Nhon and Huong Lam communes to plant 40 hectares of Tam Vong bamboo as a pilot for the company’s 1,000 ha program. 

Due to the limited availability of bamboo seedlings this year, 31 farmers in An Nhon and Huong Lam communes have signed contracts with Grass Co. for planting this year, with more farmers joining next year. As part of the agreement, the company will provide planting materials, fertilizer, and half of labor costs required for farmers to plant and take care of the plantation over five years. The signing ceremony marks the first milestone toward long-term cooperation between Grass Co. and the Da Teh district in Lam Dong Province. 
ARBCP works with poor households to generate income earning opportunities that help reduce deforestation, soil erosion and sedimentation. Farmers are encouraged to plan profitable and sustainable crops like bamboo and cacao that can grow under taller trees, avoiding the need to clear forest land. (American Embassy Press Release)