Tien Giang: Kingdom of Fruit

5:15:29 PM | 15/8/2012

Tien Giang is famous for fruit trees. The province is developing its comparative advantage, improving fruit quality and increasing international integration and competitiveness.
Since the old days, Tien Giang has been known for its fertile land and fruit trees, regarded as the “Kingdom of fruit” in the Mekong Delta and Vietnam as a whole. While other provinces of Vietnam are also famous for fruit, such as Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Can Tho, Dong Thap in the Mekong Delta, Tien Giang has comparative edge in diversity, area and output. Presently, 7 special fruits of the province have been granted famous brands, namely Hoa Loc mango, Co Co grape fruit, Lo Ren Vinh Kim star apple, Ngu Hiep durian, Tan Lap pineapple, Cho Gao dragon fruit and Go Cong cherry. In particular, in 2009 the Hoa Loc mango was granted a protection certificate.
Tien Giang has also a large area of fruit trees, making up 10 percent of the nation’s fruit area. Every year, the province supplies the market nearly one million tonnes of fruit. Tien Giang farmers are experts in growing fruit trees. Many households have applied GAP production (Viet-GAP and Global GAP). In April 2008, 6.92 hectares of Lo Ren star apple in Vinh Kim – Chau Thanh received GlobalGAP certificate. In August 2009, 30 hectares of pineapple of 22 households received Viet-GAP certificates. In late 2010, GlobalGAP criteria have been applied to Lo Ren Vinh Kim star apple, Que longan, rambutan and dragon fruit. This is why Tien Giang was designated to host the first Fruit Festival in 2010.
According to Mr Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Director of Tien Giang Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, fruit festivals will promote Tien Giang agriculture and tourism, contributing to socio-economic development in the province. In fact, fruit trees have brought high economic efficiency, improving living conditions in rural areas. By 2015, Tien Giang will increase the area of fruit trees to 70,000 hectares and output to 1.2 million tonnes for export and home consumption. The province will focus on intense cultivation with high quality.
The province is increasing the application of science and technology, building infrastructure comparable with its development, assisting farmers in interest rates for upgrading and expanding fruit tree area, processing and packaging facilities, and storage after harvest, as well as funding for obtaining Viet GAP and Global GAP criteria.
Along with encouraging farmers to expand fruit areas, Tien Giang has also called on investors to develop crop areas, processing factories and fruit export. The province will apply preferential treatments to investors.
Fully aware of the important role of businesses in marketing and exporting local fruit, Tien Giang will promote four-party cooperation between farmers, businesses, managers and banking service.
Tien Giang continues to reaffirm its seven advantaged fruits (mango, grapefruit, star apple, dragonfruit, pineapple, durian and cherry) and has special development project for each fruit. Presently, two projects are already underway for Lo Ren star apple and Cho Gao dragonfruit. All related households are supported with science assistance.
All special fruits of Tien Giang have received collective brands, including Global GAP for Lo Ren star apple and Viet GAP for Tan Lap pineapple. Tien Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is developing Global GAP criteria for Cho Gao dragonfruit, rambutan and longan.
With development strategies and concerted efforts, Tien Giang is trying to improve fruit quality for successful economic integration and competition in the world market.