Cu Pul Coffee Sole-member Co., Ltd Enhancing Dak Lak Coffee Value

4:17:32 PM | 22/10/2013

Placing prestige and product quality above all else, Cu Pul Coffee Sole-member Co., Ltd always strives to build up customer trust by emphasising material sources to production processes to make high-quality coffee products. Therefore, Cu Pul coffee has secured a strong position and asserted its name on the market.
At present, Cu Pul Coffee Company is tending 330 ha of coffee, including 91 ha on which it cooperates with other stakeholders. To maintain the quality of coffee farms and performance stability, company workers put great efforts into caring for coffee trees with the least possible use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, the company also has 33 ha of good-growing cocoa trees to ensure the company’s revenue.
Among agricultural sectors, coffee production and business faces the biggest difficulty in the current context caused by volatile prices, rising production costs, and shrinking and more stringent export markets. This reality requires every business to maintain corporate reputation and product quality - the vital elements of the company. Being aware of this problem, Cu Pul Coffee always adheres to its operating principle of keeping product quality and prestige at the forefront, and strives to provide best quality products to customers. These criteria are fulfilled by all employees. The rigour from developing material supply sources to making quality products helps Cu Pul coffee brand with an asserted market foothold.
With well-directed production and business operations and governance, especially in human resource development, Cu Pul Coffee Company’s operations are highly effective. The company’s products are always highly appreciated by customers.
Mr Y Seng B.Ya, Deputy Director of Cu Pul Coffee Co., Ltd, said: “Since the inception, we have been always striving to raise the coffee quality based on favourable natural conditions and processing technology, thus enhancing our brand name built on premium quality coffee widely accepted by consumers. Our expectation is how we make Dak Lak coffee brand in particular and Vietnam coffee brand in general strongly assert its strong foothold in the world market. And to do that, the most important thing now is to have a “supporting point” and an open mechanism of the State and the support of the Dak Lak government as well as partners and customers."
The company is also very active in social activities in the province. As the company’s operations are closely attached to local economy, Cu Pul Coffee Company, apart from fulfilling its obligations to the State, always gives priority to employing local people and actively responds to social security activities launched by the local government. He added that Cu Pul Coffee Company will continue to make effort and take part in more social security activities.
After a long period of development, Cu Pul Coffee Co., Ltd has constantly strived to expand its scale and confidently confirmed its position on the market. Knowing that the way ahead is full of hardship and challenge, but with its potentials, strengths and unity of the entire staff, Cu Pul Coffee is confident to overcome every difficulty and challenge and grasp every opportunity to make progress on the path of integration.
Tien Chau