Eight Breakthrough Solutions for Da Nang

11:57:19 AM | 24/10/2017

To focus on building Da Nang into one of the largest urban centres in the country, a centre for socio-economic development in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands, Da Nang city has put forward a number of solutions.

1. To create new set of environmental, cultural and urban civilisation standards; to implement social welfare policies and raise the quality of people's life.

2. To concentrate resources on implementing the project on Poverty reduction in Da Nang city in the 2016-2020 period; to continue implementing the Ordinance on Preferential Treatment for People with Meritorious Services to the Revolution; to create a safe and healthy environment for children in special circumstances to be protected and cared for, while preventing and repelling the risks of child abuse.

3. To continue investing in the development of the medical profession, raising the quality of medical examination and treatment and healthcare for the people; to build Da Nang into a centre for examination and treatment of high-quality diseases; to expand health insurance coverage to 95-100 percent by 2020.

4. To continue implementing the scheme on "employment", to develop and expand the labour export market, especially the high-income and safe labour market; to strive to reduce the urban unemployment rate to below 3 percent by 2020.

5. To step up the implementation of the scheme on "having dwelling houses", mobilising a lot of resources for the construction of dwelling houses for poor households with no stable shelter, resettlement households and wage earners from the budget; to continue to encourage the construction of dormitories for students, housing for workers in industrial parks.

6. To build an environmental city and enhance the capacity to adapt to climate change, continue implementing the Building Da Nang- Environment City project; To set up and implement urban planning of urban greenery systems, urban water drainage systems and urban solid waste treatment; to implement the "Green building and application of energy saving technology in Da Nang city up to 2030 with a vision to 2050 project, deploying investment and putting into effective use cell treatment projects on environmental pollution.

7. To develop high quality human resources; to continue to implement effective human resource development projects, especially in use and training the human resources. To raise the quality of cadres and civil servants to meet practical requirements; to effectively train and utilize the human resources based on the city's development orientation and human capital needs; to encourage and create conditions for the training of human resources in the non-state sector; to build up a contingent of leading specialists and a dynamic business team.

7. To enhance the effect of State management over social order and safety, contributing to firmly maintaining social discipline; to accelerate administrative reform in order to serve the legitimate demands of the people; to create a living environment and work more and more ideal for the people.