MASSDA LAND Co., Ltd - Da Nang Industrial Park: Industrial Production and Environmental Protection Balanced

11:45:35 AM | 30/10/2017

Da Nang Industrial Park, which started official operations in 1993, was the second industrial park established in the country after Tan Tao Industrial Park (in Ho Chi Minh City). The investor of Da Nang Industrial Park is Massda Land Co., Ltd, which was licensed to use the land here in 1997. Tenants in the industrial park have made great contributions to the national economy and created many jobs for local people.

Ensuring good work environment
Massda Land Co., Ltd was the first company to arrive in Da Nang City in 1993 and invested to build An Don Export Processing Zone, the first export processing zone in the city, which is now Da Nang Industrial Park. The company planned to invest in the project in two phases (220 ha). It leased out 51 ha in the first phase. Da Nang has planned to develop Son Tra district into a tourism area so the company has not yet carried out the second phase on the remaining area. At present, Da Nang Industrial Park has been fully leased and attracted 43 investment projects, including 15 foreign direct investment (FDI) companies, said, Mr Nguyen Anh Tuan, Deputy Director of Massda Land Co., Ltd.

Besides, Massda Land Co., Ltd has actively supported businesses. Specifically, Massda Land Co., Ltd arranged the working base for customs authorities at Da Nang Industrial Park to facilitate tenants to carry out customs procedures. The company also ensures an abundant power supply for tenants. The water supply and lighting system have also been well invested.

Deputy Director Tuan said that the company built a modern wastewater treatment facility with a daily capacity of 250 cubic metres in 2008. The wastewater is treated to Level B according to QCVN 14:2008/BTNMT standards. This system is still operating well and meeting all environmental requirements. Mr Tuan added that the company has built green roads and open spaces inside the industrial park to create a good working environment for all employees.

In 2008, Massda Land Co., Ltd expanded its business and investment. The 7-ha Phuc Loc Vien @ Son Tra Residential Area was the first housing development project of Massda Land Co., Ltd in Da Nang City. The residence with 210 apartments was constructed in two phases. Massda Land Co., Ltd rapidly built the first phase with 90 apartments and handed all to customers ahead of time. “We will continue to engage in long-term residential, commercial and retail development projects in Da Nang City in the coming time. Massda Land Co., Ltd always collects comments from customers for better products and guarantee that all products have modern, sustainable and competitive designs,” he emphasised.

Centred direction
Da Nang Industrial Park has a convenient traffic system as it is just two km from Tien Sa Port and 3-4 km from Da Nang International Airport and Da Nang Railway Station. Besides, with the main gate opening onto broad Ngo Quyen Street and three-phase signalling system, traffic congestions are quickly cleared even at peak hours.

Not only dubbed the most liveable city in Vietnam, or Singapore in miniature with developed tourism, Da Nang City is also known to have a better environment for industrial development than other localities in the country. This makes investors trust in the company in particular and in the city in general.

Massda Land is determined to balance industrial development and environmental protection. Thus, Da Nang Industrial Park will accommodate high-tech industries, supporting industries and industrial products with high added value and high technological content.

Han Luong