Kon Tum Center for Disease Control: Frontline Preventive Medicine Unit Affirmed

11:38:39 AM | 24/5/2019

Kon Tum Provincial Center for Disease Control officially went into operation on February 1, 2018, by consolidating seven health units of the provincial preventive system. The center has contributed to effective implementation of the prevention and control of epidemics and provided health care for people in the area.

Expanding network, improving operational efficiency

Currently, the center has 15 faculties and functional rooms which are responsible for medical examination and treatment and disease prevention. In order to improve operational efficiency, the center has received the investment in infrastructure, equipment and training and supplementing human resources which met national standards on preventive medicine in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health since 2015 (for Preventive Medicine Center); meeting grade-II standards (for Disease Control Center) and the Department of Laboratory - Image Diagnostics - Functional Exploration of the center met the testing criteria to affirm HIV-positive cases (Certification 296/GCN-BYT granted by the Ministry of Health on April 5, 2018).

Up to now, all of the medical centers in the province have established disease control and HIV/AIDS departments to implement the prevention and control of disease; all commune health workers have been trained and retrained regularly (annually), with expertise in disease prevention and control. In addition, the center has built a network of medical staff in all hamlets, villages and street groups; effectively supported communication, advocacy, and timely updated information and knowledge for people on disease control and prevention.

The center has worked hard to effectively implement the task of preventing and controlling diseases, infectious diseases, and non-infectious diseases in the area, cooperating with the health department of the province to improve health care for people.

A pioneer in disease prevention

The impact of warming climate, a very favorable condition for epidemics to thrive, has raised the risk of outbreaks of epidemics at any time. Identifying this potential risk, the center has maintained monitoring and reporting epidemics on daily basis; monitored infectious cases, infected areas, deployed epidemic prevention and control teams. Thanks to that, from 2018 until now, dangerous epidemics and infectious diseases have been effectively controlled.

The center has also efficiently implemented other tasks such as HIV/AIDS control and prevention; prevention of non-infectious diseases; reproductive health; expanded program on immunization; nutrition; environmental health. Mr. Nguyen Loc Vuong, Director of Kon Tum Provincial Center for Disease Control, said expanded immunization is the guideline and social security policy of the Party and State, as well as a key activity of preventive medicine work in the local area. Good implementation of expanded vaccination is a basis for reducing and elimination of infectious diseases under the expanded immunization program, thus reducing the rate of dangerous infectious diseases and treatment costs at medical facilities. In 2019, in addition to maintaining monthly expanded immunization activities in Kon Tum province, the center implements a number of activities such as strengthening the rate of vaccination against hepatitis B at birth.

Although it has been in operation for more than a year, the center has affirmed its role as a frontline preventive medicine unit of the province. Believing in the spirit of solidarity and overcoming difficulties of its civil servants, public employees and workers, in the coming time, the center will continue to perform its functions and tasks better, contributing to effectively implementing the prevention and control of epidemics, protecting, taking care and improving people's health in the locality.

Cong Luan