Kon Tum Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Center - Improving Rural Living Environment

11:54:02 AM | 24/5/2019

Determining that clean water and environmental sanitation is an important evaluation indicator in the National Target Program on New Countryside Development, the Kon Tum Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Center has always strived to fulfill assigned tasks, supply clean water sources, and improve the life and spirit of rural people.

To increase the access to hygienic water, improve rural environment and raise the quality of life for rural people in a sustainable manner, the center has always focused investment on building centralized water supply stations and expanding existing water pipelines and networks. In 2018, the center cooperated with relevant units to complete preparatory investment works for water supply projects under the “Outcome-based rural sanitation and clean water” expansion program to open tenders and start construction. The center was assigned to be the investor of water supply works in Hoa Binh, Ia Chim and Dak Cam communes of Kon Tum City and Tan Canh commune of Dak To district. At the same time, it coordinated with the Agriculture and Rural Development Division of districts and the Kon Tum City Economic Division to inspect, supervise water supply management and operation of centralized rural water supply works; urged localities to develop water management, production and pricing plans under the regulations of Provincial People’s Committee, and collected water use fees.

Mr. Dang Tran Huan, Director of the Kon Tum Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Center, said that, driven by the new countryside construction movement, people’s life quality in rural areas in Kon Tum province has been increasingly raised. The awareness of environmental protection and people healthcare has increased markedly. About 87.7% of rural people had access to clean water by the end of 2017; 20.67% of people used tap water from centralized water pumps; and 67% of people had access to small water supply facilities.

The center has coordinated with relevant stakeholders to manage, operate and maintain water supply works; strengthened communications and mobilized people to use clean water economically, purposefully; inspected the pipeline network to detect errors and malfunctions to timely fix them, prevent water loss and ensure adequate water supply, particularly in the face of severe droughts. In addition, it collaborated with the Preventive Medicine Center and the Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality to monitor water quality in districts, and water supply station in Dak La commune (Dak Ha district), Dien Binh - Dak Hring station to ensure hygienic water supply for people and discover problems for timely fixing.

In addition to its efforts to invest in clean water supply facilities, the Kon Tum Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Center has built local rural environmental protection works, thus giving a facelift to local rural environmental sanitation and beautifying the rural landscape.

Mr. Huan said that the effort to bring clean water to every household has been strongly, joyfully supported by people. This is a great encouragement for the center to invest further in building and upgrading water supply works in a modern and sustainable way. All these efforts are aimed at improving the performance of domestic water supply facilities and the quality of water supply, thus ensuring health and raising the quality of life and social security for rural people and ethnic minorities in the province.

Cong Luan