Dramatic Progress in Hi-Tech Agriculture Development

11:40:45 AM | 24/5/2019

After two years of carrying out the hi-tech applied agriculture project, the agricultural sector of Kon Tum province has made dramatic progress and achieved very encouraging results.

Kon Tum province defines that hi-tech agriculture development is an important solution to promote agricultural growth model restructuring. With the formation of Mang Den hi-tech agriculture area in Kon Plong district, five hi-tech applied agriculture areas have been established in the locality. In addition, investment efforts in hi-tech applied agriculture projects across the province have been prepared to be launched.

To create breakthroughs in hi-tech agriculture development, Kon Tum province has imported some flower varieties from other localities for reproduction, including lily, daisies and gerberas; applied sprinkler systems to small and medium-sized grid houses in Truong Chinh, Thang Loi, Nguyen Trai and Thong Nhat wards; and deployed eight hi-tech flower growing models in Thang Loi, Truong Chinh and Thong Nhat wards. The province has also studied to gradually import some high-yield and good-quality rice varieties like HT1, RVT and BC15.

Applying hi-tech to sugarcane production, Kon Tum Sugar Joint Stock Company deployed a 10-ha hi-tech sugarcane production model in Ia Chim commune, using economical irrigation technology. Currently, the company is building a hi-tech large-scale sugarcane field project. In addition, localities have actively transferred scientific and technical advances of growing medicinal plants, fruit trees, industrial plants and other annual crops to local people. Hi-tech application, associated with food safety and hygiene and traceability, has helped improve added values of products according to the Project “Restructuring the agricultural sector towards increasing added value and sustainable development”.

Up to now, Kon Tum province has attracted 61 hi-tech agriculture investment projects in Kon Plong district and two projects in Dak Ha district with a total registered capital of over VND6,400 billion. These projects have adopted and applied food safety, VietGap and organic production standards to 118 ha of vegetables and 200 ha of fruit trees. Product quality is highly appreciated by professionals and consumers and favored by the market. Some products are supplied to supermarkets and restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City at relatively stable prices. In addition, some projects invested in developing flowers for the Lunar New Year and some medicinal plants such ginseng, morinda officinalis and anoectochilus setaceus.

Mr. Tran Van Chuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that after two years of carrying out the hi-tech applied agriculture project, the agricultural sector of Kon Tum province has made dramatic progress and achieved very encouraging results. The Mang Den hi-tech agriculture area has developed and implemented hi-tech agriculture models to research and selection of species and varieties for best production processes to transfer to organizations and individuals, for example Australian and Dutch tomato planting model (350 square meters), Japanese strawberry (​​300 square meters), cucumber and bell pepper (1,000 square meters) and anoectochilus setaceus (100,000 plants), and ginseng (50,000 plants).

In addition, Kon Tum province has built and developed brands for some competitive products in the market: temperate flowers, rose myrtle and Mang Den sturgeon, organic fruit and vegetable production in Kon Plong district, and VietGAP-standard red rice production in Mang But commune.

“The transformation in hi-tech production has helped increase productivity, quality and value of agricultural products. Initial results show that labor costs have been reduced, crop productivity increased by 10-20% and product quality has been improved. To date, Kon Tum has produced a lot of organic vegetables, fruits and coffee products meeting 4C and UTZ standards to export to other countries,” he said.

Cong Luan