Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Grow with Local Development

10:16:50 AM | 5/2/2021

In the past years, the Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Association has effectively played its role as a bridge for its members with the provincial government. The association represented the business community to put forth many proposals to deal with difficulties relating to investment, production and business faced by local enterprises to the Provincial People’s Committee and relevant agencies for prompt resolution.


The Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Association is a voluntary professional representative of enterprises and entrepreneurs of all economic sectors in Phu Yen province. Since its inception, the association has always adhered to the following objectives: Assembling the business community, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its members; encouraging businesses to comply with the law, improve social responsibility, and contribute to local socioeconomic development; and organizing dialogues, integrating opinions and aspirations of businesses to all levels of authorities.

In recent years, the association has increasingly perfected its organization and operation; regularly advised and supported its member companies to develop. Membership expansion is positive, expected to increase from more than 120 members at present to over 200 by 2025.

In addition, the association actively informs its members to observe business laws and policies; encourages the startup and innovation movement; constantly develops corporate culture and business ethics; unites to support each other; and actively participates in social work.

In the coming time, the agency will further boost membership development; assist enterprises to expand operations, revenue and scale to take care of livelihoods and incomes for workers. Especially, it will foster product branding for enterprises and encourage and connect members to use each other's products and services for mutual development.

Greater help for PCI improvement

Over the past years, with the attention and direction of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee, the active involvement of provincial and local agencies, the investment and business climate of Phu Yen province has been gradually improved. The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) gradually picked up. In 2019, its PCI scored 64.14 points to rank No. 43 out of 63 provinces and cities, eight places higher than in 2018.

Mr. Nguyen Huynh Vinh Huy, Chairman of the Phu Yen Young Entrepreneurs Association, said, in the past time, efforts of all concerned branches and levels of authority for a better business investment environment, ease of doing business and startup support have strengthened and increased business confidence in the government's companionship. Administrative procedures relating to business have been improved; the investment environment has been lifted, and many support policies have been launched.

However, to further raise the PCI, the provincial administrative apparatus must ensure high efficiency, speed and transparency. “In particular, the drastic leadership of officials and the bold advice of civil servants need to be more pronounced. Officials and authorities must uphold the enterprising spirit and responsibility in performing public duties,” he emphasized.

Besides, local businesses are small in size, he added. Just a very few companies are capable of forming production chains and value chains to create end-to-end products to tap local potential strengths.

“To create breakthrough development steps, the province cannot simply rely on its locational convenience, potential, preferential policies and procedural ease, but it also needs to highlight its own cultural and social values constituted by human will. We need to make Phu Yen known as a livable, investable land with a clean green environment, a pleasant climate, and a civilized, friendly and hospitable people,” Mr. Huy expressed.

By Ngoc Tung, Vietnam Business Forum