Song Cong Diesel: Efforts to Overcome Hardships to Fulfill Business Plans

10:01:46 AM | 3/3/2022

After more than 40 years of development, Song Cong Diesel Co., Ltd (DISOCO) has become a leading mechanical engineering and manufacturing company in Thai Nguyen province. Especially in 2021, despite being hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with its activeness and flexibility to overcome difficulties, the company exceeded many business targets and plans.

On April 25, 1980, Song Cong Diesel Factory was established under the Ministry of Mechanics and Metallurgy. In 1987, it completed construction and went into production. In 2004, it was transformed into Song Cong Diesel Co., Ltd. On December 21, 2017, it became a member of Vietnam Engine and Agricultural Machinery Corporation - Joint Stock Company (VEAM) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Chairman and Director of Song Cong Diesel Co., Ltd, said that to achieve sustainable development in the current context of integration and strong competition, the company has continuously invested in equipment, human resource training and development. New modern production lines, equipment and technologies are installed, especially specialized software for designing, processing and manufacturing molds and production management software for all stages and divisions of production.

Its notable projects include Honda crankshaft production investment project; No. 1 foundry production investment project; No. 2 foundry production investment project, the vehicle parts production project for Piaggio; and Toshiba engine cover manufacturing lines. The company also invested in reforming the energy supply system: Upgrading the compressed air supply system and the water supply system.

DISOCO leadership also directed accelerated implementation and called for its employees to actively join emulation movements such as excellent work, creative labor, Kaizen movement, 5S, ISO, cost production saving movement and emulation movements launched by other mass organizations. Emulation contents are always linked to actual and practical production involved with employees to effectively promote and improve work performance and business performance.

Especially in 2021, all employees of Song Cong Diesel Co., Ltd adopted COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures; and strictly complied with regulations imposed by the local government, health authorities and company leaders. Up to now, all employees have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Thanks to those efforts, in 2021, DISOCO made total revenue of VND703.6 billion, up 7.5% over 2020, and a profit of VND57.8 billion, up 40% over the plan and 20% over 2020; and paid VND20.3 billion to the State budget. Employees’ average monthly income was VND12 million.

As a mechanical engineering firm, Song Cong Diesel always focuses on building a green, clean and nice-looking factory where a lot of green trees are planted in harmony with the factory network. Requirements for environmental protection, energy efficiency and resource economy are among important tasks in its operations. This is also the basis for the firm to ensure good working conditions for employees.

In 2022, Song Cong Diesel targeted revenue of VND738.00 billion, an average monthly employee salary of VND10.3 million; and an average monthly employee income of VND12.6 million. To complete the plan, the company continued to fulfill COVID-19 pandemic prevention requirements, improve production and business efficiency; strengthen cooperation and expand consumption markets; scale up production capacity, efficiency and product quality; and reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

Song Cong Diesel Co., Ltd

Head office: No. 362 Cach Mang Thang 10, Chau Son Ward, Song Cong City, Thai Nguyen Province. Tel: 0208 3862332; Fax: 0208 3862265.


By Vietnam Business Forum