New Highway to Shorten Travel Time between Hanoi, Haiphong, Quang Ninh

4:25:47 PM | 22/6/2012

A new highway is currently being constructed to shorten the travelling distance from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay to only 125km. This will mean that in 2 to 3 years’ time, it will only take 1.5 hours to travel between these two cities. The highway is considered one of the most important infrastructure works in the next few years. With the strong support of the government and funding for the highway already obtained, the highway is expected to complete and open as planned.
Once this highway is completed, Ha Long Bay will not only be a popular tourism location but also an attractive weekend getaway for the Hanoi people.
The most interesting stretch of the highway with the length of only 25km from Haiphong to Ha Long Bay will demographically link the population in these cities into 1. The airport at Haiphong will also serve as a big boost to the tourism in Ha Long as tourists can now fly direct to Haiphong and take a 25 minute- drive to the Ha Long Bay Tourism area. This 25 km highway is also considered an important trade route between Southern China and Vietnam. This highway will be from Haiphong, cut through Ha Long bay and end at the Northern border gate to China.