Tien Giang Industrial Parks: Priority to Green Projects

5:17:47 PM | 15/8/2012

To tap its potentials and advantages, Tien Giang province has been actively promoting investment attraction and has achieved positive results. The province encourages and prioritises modern, hi-tech, environment-friendly and energy-saving projects, said Nguyen Van Nam, Head of Tien Giang Industrial Parks Authority in an interview with Vietnam Business Forum. Ha Linh reports.
Could you briefly introduce the investment attraction results of Tien Giang province-based industrial parks in 2011 and in early 2012?
In 2011, the Tien Giang Industrial Zones Authority granted investment certificates to 10 projects capitalised at US$373.34 millions and VND39.338 billion. In the first 6 months of 2012, industrial parks attracted four projects with a registered investment of US$159.52 million and 25.83 hectares of land leased, bringing the total number of investment projects in the province's industrial zones to 70 projects, including 37 foreign-invested projects. The investment capital reached VND3,640.73 billion and US$922.4 million, and rented area was 286.623 ha.
These positive results stemmed from the care of governments and involvement of competent agencies in building industrial zones and drawing investment capital into industrial zones. Besides, industrial park developers quickly completed infrastructure construction and actively worked with the provincial industrial management authority to attract investment.
However, the province also encountered certain difficulties in attracting investment capital. Although enterprises situated in industrial parks are granted investment incentives, they only get those incentives when they are in industrial parks eligible for priorities.
So, what are the potential advantages of Tien Giang in attracting investment to industrial parks?
Tien Giang is advantageously located to act as a trade gateway for Mekong Delta provinces with Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of the country. It is situated in the southern key economic zone blessed with abundant material resources for processing industry development. It also has an abundant labour force. According to a population survey, Tien Giang has 1.7 million people, with 85.9 percent at working age.
What projects and industries is Tien Giang attracting for industrial parks?
Tien Giang Industrial Zones Authority is working with the Tien Giang Investment, Trade and tourism Promotion Centre to attract investors into industrial parks in 2012. We will focus and prioritise environment-friendly projects utilising local materials and financially viable, experienced and prestigious investors.
Prioritised industries in industrial parks are electronics, refrigeration, electricity, engineering, wood, household appliance, rubber, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical equipment, agricultural and forest product processing, paper, and others.
Industrial development must be attached to environmental protection. How does the Industrial Parks Authority supervise and support investors inside industrial parks to protect the surroundings?
In the modern era, businesses are responsible for environmental protection. Hence, the authority always considers environmental protection a key matter for the existence and development of businesses. It puts forth solutions and advises industrial zone operators to attract projects in industries described in the report on approved environmental impact assessment, encourage and prioritise modern, high-tech, environment-friendly, clean and energy-saving projects. It regularly sends documents on environmental protection to investors and businesses in industrial parks, thus raising their awareness and observance of environmental protection regulations. It will have strict treatments to violators.
How about the investment attraction plan for the remaining months of the year and towards 2015?
The province hopes to draw six new projects into industrial parks in the last six months of 2012. By 2015, the province will lease out rentable land in Tan Huong and Long Giang, put into operation Binh Dong Industrial Park, attract investors into Soai Rap petroleum service complex, and develop Tan Phuoc 1 and Tan Phuoc 2 industrial parks.