Tien Giang Cashing in on Local Resources to Draw Investment

1:13:53 PM | 13/11/2012

Lying on the western gateway to Ho Chi Minh City, Tien Giang province functions as a vital link in the centralised multiple model of the southern key economic zone that forms urban economic corridors in the Mekong Delta region. With its very important position of the transit region, with its huge production scale and high consumer demand in both Southeast and Southwest regions, Tien Giang province catches the interest of investors for its prime location, which helps reduce transportation costs while enhancing investment efficiency.
Actively utilise advantages
Tien Giang possesses numerous favourable conditions to attract investment capital for economic development. The first advantage is its prime location. Located between Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho City, Tien Giang is blessed with the benefits of a transit region, a trade gateway of the Mekong Delta region, a top supplier of input materials, agricultural products and food for Ho Chi Minh City and the key southern economic zone. The province is also the gateway to the East Sea for Tien River passing provinces and Cambodia. With favourable overland and waterway traffic networks, Tien Giang province functions as a collector and transporter of foods, agricultural products and input materials for Ho Chi Minh City and other Southeast provinces. On the other hand, Tien Giang is a bridge for the key southern economic zone to supply materials, industrial products and consumer goods for the Mekong Delta region.
In addition to its ideal location, Tien Giang possesses abundant natural resources and a diverse ecology for comprehensive agricultural, tourism, industrial, commercial and service development.
To fully tap existing strengths, Tien Giang is divided into three key economic regions based on uniquely localised advantages. In terms of agriculture, the province will focus on developing commercial agriculture, expanding intensive and specialised cultivation, applying biotechnology, reorganising agricultural production systems to meet Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) while developing the consumption network and processing industry. It will invest in rice growing on 60,000 ha of land to ensure food security and realise export targets and form farming areas utilising local resources. It will continue expanding the fisheries sector by planning farm areas, boosting intensive production, diversify stock species, incorporating farming, preservation and processing with environmental management and protection. It will develop popular aquatic species on the Tien River, islets and coastal mudflats for both domestic and international markets.
In terms of industry, according to Tien Giang socio-economic development master plan until 2020 approved by the Government, Tien Giang will develop nine new urban zones, namely An Huu, Thien Ho, My Phuoc Tay, Vinh Kim, Long Dinh, Phu My, Binh Duc, Luong Hoa Lac and Vam Lang. Currently, the province is focusing on reorganising and upgrading existing urban zones to function as locomotives for those in blueprint to accelerate economic restructuring based on increasing industry and services. This is an opportunity for investors to explore and carry out infrastructure investment and housing development. Tien Giang now has industrial development zones underway like My Tho Industrial Park in My Tho City, Tan Huong Industrial Park in Chau Thanh district; Long Giang Industrial Park in Tan Phuoc district, Go Cong Dong oil and gas service zone in Go Cong Dong district, Soai Rap shipbuilding industrial zone in Go Cong Dong district, and industrial complexes of Trung An, Tan My Chanh, An Thanh, and Gia Thuan - Tan Phuoc. In future, the province will continue attracting investment capital for the development of industries capable of diversifying products, using high technology and developing locally advantageous fields like processing industry, biotechnology, mechanical engineering and manufacturing to serve rural and agricultural development and supporting industries in the key southern economic zone and the Mekong Delta. The province focuses on attracting investment capital into approved industrial zones while strengthening and improving the efficiency of existing industrial zones. By 2020, the province strives to have 7 - 8 concentrated industrial zones and 30 small-scale industrial clusters with a total area of ​​about 8,700 hectares, mainly ​​Tan Phuoc and Go Cong districts.
As regards trade and services, Tien Giang attaches importance to developing the domestic market and expanding trade with Ho Chi Minh City, and provinces in the key southern economic zone and the Mekong Delta region that are attached to trade network planning. The province reorganises retailing networks, gives priority to modern retailing systems and plans good locations for trade - service centres in My Tho City, Go Cong Town, Cai Lay and Cai Be districts. It also forms residential, urban, commercial, service, scientific, technological, medical, education, financial, banking and tourism facilities in northern Go Cong, southeast Tan Phuoc and Trung Luong (My Tho City). It also consolidates and develops agricultural and seafood wholesale markets in the province to form a bridge for the southern key economic zone and the Mekong Delta region.
Tien Giang province also places a weight on ecological and marine tourism development, strengthens links in inbound and outbound tourism development, and diversifies tourism models and products. The province draws investment capital to build general entertainment centres, resorts and potential tourist sites on islands on the Tien River, flooded areas in Dong Thap Muoi area; gives priority to build Thai Son island into a community-based tourism zone and an eco-tourism zone of the Lower Greater Mekong Subregion. It also taps advantages of Tan Thanh beach, orchards, and cultural and historical monuments for tourism development.
Reforming public administration, enhancing attractiveness of investment environment
Clearly knowing that administrative reform is a breakthrough for the improvement of the investment environment, promoting socio-economic development, and improving prestige , Tien Giang province has paid great attention to administrative reform, and endeavoured to create an open investment environment to draw investment capital. With the determination of all agencies, at all levels, up to now, the administrative reform has produced many positive results. The reforms and contents are arranged and implemented synchronously. Social and economic institutional management have been improved and policies issued are as effective as expected.
In attracting investment the province has focused on implementing administrative procedural reforms to create an open, transparent and equitable business environment. The province has enacted general regulations on encouraging investment, supporting incentives, as well as, specific investment support policies for My Tho, Tan Huong and Long Giang industrial parks. It also issued regulations on interdisciplinary collaboration to support investors to deal with administrative procedures when they set up businesses inside and outside industrial zones; implemented the single-window mechanism for business registration, tax registration and seal registration. Institutional and procedural reform has brought very positive results. In 2011, Tien Giang had 10 new investment projects registered into industrial zones with a total capital of over US$373 million. To date, its industrial parks are housing 66 projects, including 33 foreign investment projects with a total registered investment capital of over VND3, 631 billion (US$180 million) and US$767.9 million.
In addition, specialised agencies at provincial and district levels were reshuffled and strengthened to boost operating efficiency and eliminate overlapping. Personnel training and quality improvement are attended to. Since 2003, Tien Giang has issued and enforced policies on public service personnel training and employment to improve levels of public service for businesses and citizens.
Regarding the modernisation of public administration, it is possible that Tien Giang is one of the first provinces in the country to apply the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system in it’s public administrative agencies. The wide local area network connects district agencies with provincial departments. Daily affairs are exchanged via the email environment. Public agencies, officials and civil servants are performing public missions on office applications, establishing connections and exchanging information on a network environment, thus enhancing working effectiveness and reducing paperwork and time. This work is significant for socioeconomic development and external investment attraction. Domestic and international investors, business partners, organisations and individuals will easily find information needed on the province’s websites.
To ensure rapid and sustainable development in the coming years, Tien Giang will focus on directing relevant units to step up administrative reform to create open investment environment, promote and attract investment capital for the cause of industrialisation and modernisation. At present, the province is building and carrying out many plans, programmes and projects of infrastructure development, residential, and tourism zone development in order to draw investment capital. With its flexible investment attraction mechanisms, policies and incentives, Tien Giang province is ready to receive and assist investors when their investment projects bringing practical benefits to the people.
My Chau