Kon Tum Urban Environment JSC: For a Green, Clean, Beautiful and Civilized City

11:57:26 AM | 24/5/2019

Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Kon Tum Urban Environment Company, was established on February 12, 1999 and officially operated as a joint stock company from December 31, 2015. In recent years, many areas of the company have developed rapidly, contributing to ensuring that the environment in Kon Tum is always bright, green, clean and beautiful; creating a new face for the city.

During the nearly 20 years of operation, Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company has always fulfilled its functions and tasks including: Urban environmental sanitation, urban waste collection, transportation and treatment; drainage and wastewater treatment; construction of public works; landscape care and maintenance; management and exploitation of public properties for public utility; providing consultancy and environmental sanitation services to ensure prestige and quality. Currently, the company regularly carries out the collection, transportation and treatment of domestic waste throughout the city, ensuring clean and beautiful roads and alleys. The company is also interested in investing in management of urban greenery and parks, ornamental plants and flowers on the median strips, small landscapes and parks. In addition, the company strengthened effective management and operation of public lighting system and traffic signal light system, ensured no incidents, safety of electric lines, timely replacement and repair. The collection of public service fee has been effectively implemented in association with improving the quality of public services, contributing to reducing investment from the State budget.

With great determination and efforts of the Board of Management and all of its employees, Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company has grown steadily, reaching and exceeding the set targets of revenue and profit; the scale of operation and service area has been increasingly expanded. With the spirit of constantly improving the quality of public services, the company regularly cooperates with authorities at all levels, political and social organizations to propagate and mobilize people in order to raise their awareness of environmental hygiene, preserving and protecting the common landscape, contributing to the construction of a more bright, green, clean and beautiful Kon Tum City; making important contributions to the socio-economic development and environmental protection in the locality.

Along with increasing revenue, the company always pays attention to fully implementing the rights and legitimate interests of employees; the life of employees has been increasingly improved. All of its employees are entitled to participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, which ensures the rights for employees. Besides, Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company always meets their obligation to the State budget, paying taxes fully and promptly.

Sharing about the development orientation of Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company, Director Pham Van Hai said that in the coming time, they will reorganize the management and production apparatus suitable to the scale production. It will promote the advantages to boost production and business, creating a driving force to enhance the company's performance; considering receiving orders for urban sanitation with the city as a key, long-term, and decisive field of the company. Based on that, the company can earn more to achieve the goal of increasing income for their employees, fulfilling the order norms and obligations to pay the State budget.

"Promoting its achievements in nearly 20 years of operation, the Board of Management and all employees of Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company are determined to improve the management and promote innovation for technical improvement, organizing environmental and urban sanitation in a more professional way; step by step well implementing the guidelines and policies of the Party and the State; striving to successfully complete the assigned tasks, contributing to urban embellishment, keeping Kon Tum always bright, green, clean and beautiful, thus soon to become a second-class city and an important economic region of the Central Highlands, " Mr. Hai affirmed.

Kon Tum Urban Environment Joint Stock Company aims to strive for an average annual revenue growth of over 5% a year and other financial indicators with higher growth rate than previous years.

Cong Luan