Planning Infrastructure to Welcome New Investment Wave

10:36:21 AM | 27/11/2020

In recent years, the province of Tien Giang has welcomed a series of enterprises and large corporations with a variety of projects in many fields. This is a testament to the correct direction of the province in investment promotion and attraction; at the same time, concretizing the determination of the provincial government on administrative reform and improving the business investment environment. To learn more about this content, the reporter had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thong, Acting Director of the Department of Planning and Investment of Tien Giang province. Cong Luan report.

What are the hallmarks of the implementation of the motto "Infrastructure goes first," to create a solid foundation for attracting investors to Tien Giang province over the past time, sir?

Over the past years, Tien Giang has invested in building a synchronous infrastructure system to create attractiveness in drawing investment and facilitate the development of production and business, contributing to comprehensive socio-economic growth.

Specifically, in terms of transportation, the province has invested in developing smooth water and road routes throughout the province, easily connecting with the Mekong Delta and the Southern Key Economic Region. The internal road system includes: DT 871, 871B, DT 878; Highway 1, Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway; regional links include: Highway 50, My Loi Bridge connecting with Long An province, Ho Chi Minh City; Highway 60 and Rach Mieu Bridge forming a traffic axis connecting coastal provinces such as Ben Tre, Tra Vinh and Soc Trang.

In particular, the Trung Luong - My Thuan expressway’s construction has been accelerated and it will operate from 2021. Thus, this will promote the province's gateway advantage to the Mekong Delta, Southeast region and the country. In addition, My Tho Port and My Tho Cruise Port (will operate in the fourth quarter of 2020) help to meet domestic and international passenger and cargo transportation demand.

The electricity, clean water and telecommunication systems have been invested throughout the province to ensure concentrated industrial production. The system of commercial centers, service providers, and residential areas associated with commerce and services will thrive in the period 2015 - 2020.

Regarding infrastructure of industrial parks (IPs), industrial clusters (ICs), in the period 2015 - 2020, in addition to calling for filling of Tan Huong IP, My Tho IP and other IPs including Tan My Chanh, An Thanh, Trung An, Song Thuan ; the province has invited and created an industrial land fund to meet the needs of secondary investors in Long Giang IP and Gia Thuan 1 IP, and is preparing to invest in developing infrastructure for additional IPs - ICs: Soai Rap, Binh Dong, Gia Thuan 2, Thanh Tan and My Phuoc Tay, in order to prepare to welcome the wave of investment shifting from FDI inflows.

From the beginning of the year up to now, despite being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and drought, saltwater intrusion, Tien Giang has still attracted a lot of investors. Could you share more about this success?

In 2020, the province sets a target of attracting 29 projects (an increase of 2 projects compared to 2019) with a total registered capital of VND 19,000 billion (up 14%). To achieve this goal, from the beginning of the year, departments, sectors and localities have seriously implemented the business investment environment reform under the Government's Resolution 02/2019. The sectors and levels of authorities have focused on reviewing and reforming procedures for investment, land, construction, environment, fire prevention, tax and labor to facilitate enterprises.

The Provincial People's Committee has set up an Appraisal Team for off-budget investment projects to focus on improving the quality of project appraisal. The contact, guidance and investor support activities focus on two points: IP Authority (projects in the IPs, concentrated ICs) and the Department of Planning and Investment. The process of guiding, considering and settling the investor's petitions has been implemented in a concentrated and unified manner in Party agencies and governments at all levels.

To introduce the investment environment of the province, the Department of Planning and Investment has coordinated with the central and local press agencies to carry out propaganda on improving the business investment environment of the province. The Provincial People's Committee held a meeting with the overseas investment promotion delegation of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to introduce the province's need to call for investment in service of overseas investment promotion.

With synchronous and drastic solutions, Tien Giang has created favorable conditions and confidence for investors. In the first nine months of 2020, the province has attracted 28 projects (reaching 96.55% of the year plan) with a total newly registered investment capital of VND 9,896.81 billion, an increase of 11 projects, with a registered investment capital of 85.9 % over the same period in 2019; 7 projects registered to increase capital of VND 833.85 billion. Importantly, Tien Giang has attracted many large-scale projects from reputable domestic and foreign investors; the progress has been accelerated, many projects have been put into operation, making great contributions to the province's socio-economic development.

It is known that from now to 2030, Tien Giang will focus on calling for investment in three key urban-economic regions, including: the central region, the Eastern region, the Western region. Could you please tell us more about this orientation?

In order to use resources to achieve high efficiency, focus on investment with targets, consistent with the comparative advantage of each sub-region; at the same time, creating links with the Mekong Delta and the Southern key economic region, on April 5th, 2017, Tien Giang Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution 10-NQ / TU on Urban - Economic Development for 3 regions by 2020, with a vision to 2030. In which, in the period of 2021 - 2030, the province will attract 250 projects with a total registered investment capital of VND 70,000 billion.

For the central urban-economic region, the province attaches special importance to maximizing the advantages of Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway; focusing on calling for investment in new urban projects, residential areas, education development projects, banking and financial services, people's healthcare services, to meet the demand on economic growth associated with environmental protection identified as one of the three breakthroughs of development of My Tho in the period of 2020 - 2025. The province will continue investing in synchronous infrastructure in the region, improving the quality of My Tho IP, Tan Huong IP, Thoi Son Tourist Area development, High-tech agricultural area in Chau Thanh district.

In the Eastern urban-economic area, the province will focus on promoting the advantages of Soai Rap River and My Loi Bridge, focus on calling for investment in integrated seaport projects and seaport logistics service area, Binh Dong IP, Soai Rap IP and projects of new urban areas, residential areas, marine ecological tourism area and along Tien River in accordance with the approved planning. It will review planning and have plans to call for investment in urban infrastructure development projects in Go Cong town. It will plan and attract investment to develop residential areas, urban areas in the new administrative center of Tan Phu Dong district.

In the Western urban-economic area, the Provincial Road 878 will be invested to connect the traffic of the Southeast industrial region (Tan Phuoc district) with the Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong Expressway, thereby calling for investing in secondary projects in Long Giang IP, Gia Thuan IC, residential areas, new urban areas, education development projects, waste treatment areas. It will continue planning the location and land area for the development of hi-tech agricultural zones, paying attention to attracting investment in agricultural product processing projects, especially fruit, contributing to stabilizing output and raising the value of agricultural products. It will focus on planning projects for synchronous development of urban infrastructure in Cai Lay town, Go Cong town, Chau Thanh district, Cai Be district.

In the context of deep integration, especially as the free trade agreements Vietnam participates in are more and more "mature", and the global investment shift boosts FDI inflows to Vietnam, how does Tien Giang prepare and catch this opportunity, sir?

In order to create maximum conditions for investors as well as to welcome a new investment wave, provincial departments, sectors and localities will continue to strengthen coordination to quickly resolve investment project dossiers; actively support and guide investors to complete project documents so that they can soon organize the appraisal and propose the Provincial People's Committee to decide investment policy. The province also focuses on well implementing investment promotion and supporting businesses. The investment promotion and enterprise support center urgently develops and issues investment promotion documents. The provincial departments and sectors strengthen coordination in site clearance, creating favorable conditions for projects to come into operation soon.

In addition, Tien Giang has prepared a clean site to welcome FDI investors (Long Giang IP has more than 70 ha of industrial land for lease; Gia Thuan 1 IC has 30 ha of industrial land for lease; Gia Thuan 2 IC with an area of 50 ha is investing in infrastructure, Soai Rap IP with an area of 285 ha is handed to the province); calling for investment in Binh Dong IP with an area of 212 ha, My Loi IC with an area of 50 ha, are the bases for Tien Giang to welcome FDI inflows to the province.

Thank you very much!

In order to achieve the targets and orientations to attract investment in the period 2020 - 2025, in addition to continuing to implement effective solutions in the past period, it is necessary to focus and stick to the 3 breakthroughs of the province.

Firstly, to invest in connecting and upgrading traffic roads with sufficient capacity and repairing, maintaining and upgrading existing roads, ensuring to meet production and people's needs, especially agricultural cargo transportation, contributing to reduce costs and improve the quality of fruit for domestic consumption and export.

Secondly, to focus on calling for investment in fruit processing factories that the province has a large yield, propose to the Central government for a mechanism to call or invest in fruit stockpiles to deal with the current demand, thereby helping growers to stabilize and develop a well-off life, contributing to accelerating the transformation of the crop structure to strive to make the province consistently be the country’s large fruit growing and output area with increasingly high quality, market stability, bringing agriculture, farmers and rural areas of Tien Giang to a new stage of development.

Thirdly, investing in training human resources to meet the requirements of quality and professionalism for the management apparatus, enterprises and the agricultural sector needs to contribute to the administrative reform and applying information technology to improve the capacity and responsibility of the administrative apparatus, civil servants and public employees; increasingly effective operations of businesses and producers, contributing more and sustainably to the budget.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum