Attracting Investment and Developing High-Tech Agriculture

10:19:37 AM | 9/2/2021

In recent years, Phu Yen province has promoted the attraction of resources and encouraged economic sectors to participate in the development of hi-tech agriculture, attached importance to the connection of production and consumption, and focused on building specific brands of agricultural products with the province's strengths to expand to domestic and foreign markets. Thereby, it has helped concretize the goals of building diversified, high-value agriculture in Phu Yen with sustainable growth, increasing income for farmers and building new countryside. 

High-tech agriculture

Currently, Phu Yen province has formed a Hi-tech Application Agricultural Zone (HTAAZ), according to Decision 2292/QD-TTg dated November 27, 2013. The area's infrastructure is invested with membrane houses, greenhouses, solar power systems and water saving irrigation systems for the implementation of high-tech agricultural production projects. Typical are some models of growing vegetables, fruits and flowers with high economic value; production of edible mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms and chicken farming.

Along with that, the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee have issued a number of policies on infrastructure investment, promoting investment attraction, promoting efficiency of high tech application. Up to now, there have been 08 projects granted investment approval in HTAAZ on a total area of 179.63ha, with a total registered investment capital of more than 650 billion VND.

Besides, Phu Yen is also conducting planning of high-tech agricultural production areas. Investors, when investing in high-tech agricultural areas, are also fully entitled to preferential mechanisms and policies, such as investment in high-tech agricultural zones. Specifically, the area to produce high quality rice and organic rice in Phu Hoa district, Dong Hoa town and Tuy Hoa City is an estimated 10,000ha, with output of about 120,000 tons of rice / year. The project includes: completing infrastructure; selecting and creating suitable rice varieties with high yield and quality; applying advanced farming practices according to VietGAP standards; branding rice associated with geographical indications; producing rice according to the criteria of large fields, with the participation of enterprises to process and consume rice.

The area for growing flowers, vegetables, medicinal herbs, tea trees and fruit trees is about 400-500 ha in the Van Hoa plateau in the communes of Son Long, Son Xuan and Son Dinh, Son Hoa district. The goal is to invite investors and enterprises to join the production and retail chains; to build a region specialized in agricultural cultivation for domestic and export needs, associated with the application of high technology, meeting VietGAP criteria.

The area for raising beef and dairy cows in the districts of Dong Xuan, Son Hoa and Song Hinh is about  4,200 ha. Pig and poultry breeding areas in Tay Hoa, Phu Hoa, Tuy An, Dong Hoa, Song Cau and Tuy Hoa City have a total area of about 2,150ha. The objective is to form concentrated breeding areas applying high technology, create a large volume of products with competitiveness, ensure food hygiene and safety, biosafety; applying advanced livestock methods and technologies; and forming a closed value chain.

High-tech aquaculture area in Xuan Hai commune - Song Cau town is about 100ha to raise whiteleg shrimp meeting VietGAP and Global GAP standards.

Promoting investment attraction

In recent years, Phu Yen has promoted and attracted businesses to invest in agricultural development in the direction of application of science and technology; at the same time, acting as a "nucleus" to promote the linkage of production, processing, consumption, and enhancing the value of local agricultural products. Accordingly, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has actively coordinated and created favorable conditions for organizations and individuals investing in agriculture and rural areas in order to attract enterprises to invest in development in all sectors, linking production with processing and selling products.

In the field of animal husbandry, the Department has participated in the appraisal of investment projects, of which a number of projects have been licensed by the Provincial People's Committee to invest and come into operation and create commodity products. Large-scale projects such as: Thanh Trang pig farm (2,400 sows and 12,000 pigs) and TH Group's centralized dairy farm in Son Hoa district. In the fishery sector, there is a fish farm meeting GlobalGAP standards, of Dac Loc Seafood Company Limited. In the forestry sector, there are Binh Nam Company Limited, Bao Chau Phu Yen One Member Limited Company and Truong Thanh OJI Afforestation Company Limited.

The province always encourages clean, safe and organic agricultural production projects. Up to now, many localities have formed centralized production models applying science and technology, in order to encourage farmers to produce in a clean way to have safe products. Typical examples include: Model of high quality rice seed production (Hoa Vang rice); model of growing clean vegetables with an area of 70 ha/year in An Hoa Hai - Tuy An commune; model of intensive cultivation of pomelos following GAP process, applying good agricultural practices according to VietGAP standards, combining traceability of green and orange pomelo products.

Director of Phu Yen Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung said that over the past time, the Department has coordinated with relevant departments, sectors and localities to step by step build a brand for products with competitive advantages of the province such as: rice, cassava and products from cassava, sugarcane and products from sugarcane, cashew nuts, beef and cow products, wood and wood products, tuna, lobster and shrimp.

Up to now, the province has successfully built a brand name for a number of typical agricultural products, including: Phu Yen fish sauce, Phu Yen ocean tuna, Phu Yen beef, Tuyet Diem salt, Hoa Da rice paper, Dong Din pineapple, Son Thanh pepper and Quan De wine, and 02 certified geographical products: "O Loan cockle" and "Phu Yen lobster". The brand building and promotion initially create a unique competitiveness for Phu Yen agricultural products.

“Currently, we are actively coordinating with localities, cooperatives, and co-operative Groups to implement the Provincial Program for One Commune Program (OCOP). In 2020, there are 18 subjects registered to participate in OCOP evaluation with 30 products and at least 5 products rating 3-4 stars,” said Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum