Thai Nguyen Provincial Post Office Facilitating Administrative Reform

9:02:36 AM | 4/3/2022

In addition to focusing on improving the quality of traditional services, Thai Nguyen Post Office has well implemented the public postal service, recently making an important contribution to administrative reform. This has promoted the role of "extended arm" and become the face of all levels and sectors in the implementation of administrative procedures; bringing many practical benefits to society, highly appreciated by people and businesses.

Attempting to overcome difficulties, complete the task well

During its operation, Thai Nguyen Post Office has always received the close attention and direction of the leaders of the province and sectors. It always ensures smooth communication, transportation of letters, goods, salary payment, and money transfer to serve the people's life.

In recent years, along with the development of the country and the integration trend, the Provincial Post Office has expanded and developed financial services such as money transfer, postal savings, collection and payment, life-insurance agency, non-life insurance and public services. This has affirmed the outstanding advantage in service capacity, being qualified to meet the different requirements of customers.

In particular, under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provincial Post Office has actively developed plans and flexibly implemented many solutions. These have ensured circulation and supply of essential goods to help people feel secure in preventing the pandemic and maintaining production and business activities. In order to take good care of the lives of its employees, the unit has purchased Body Insurance; supported COVID-19 prevention equipment such as masks, antiseptic liquid, body temperature monitors, and face shields for all employees.

Thanks to that, in 2021, despite the complicated situation of the pandemic, Thai Nguyen Post Office still successfully completed the assigned tasks. In which, the revenue reached VND357.040 billion, equal to 103% of the plan assigned by the Corporation in 2021 and equal to 103% of the implementation result in 2020; the average labor productivity was VND196.8 million/person/year; the payment to the state budget by the end of December 20, 2021 was VND11.178 billion; the average income of cadres, civil servants and employees was VND13.3 million /person/month.

In addition, Thai Nguyen Post Office fulfilled the three main service groups of the Postal Industry. Specifically, the Postal and Delivery group achieved VND121.334 billion, equal to 89% of the plan assigned by the Corporation; the Postal Finance group reached VND69.532 billion, equaling 108% of the plan; the Communication Distribution group reached VND166.120 billion, equal to 114% of the plan.

Continuing to innovate, promoting the role and position

Implementing Decision 45/2016/QD-TTg dated October 19th, 2016 of the Prime Minister, Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Committee has issued many guiding documents on speeding up the reception of applications, returning the results through public postal service. Up to now, the province has issued a decision to publish the list of administrative procedures carried out via public postal service in the province, in order to create favorable conditions for organizations and individuals in the settlement process.

Currently, most of the departments, sectors and districts, towns and cities have signed a contract to provide the service of receiving dossiers and returning results of administrative procedure settlement via public postal service with the provincial Post Office; at the same time, the units have also made public and posted the list of administrative procedures that have been implemented and have not yet received dossiers and returned results via public postal service on the websites of units and localities.

According to Mr. Do Hai Nguyen, Director of Thai Nguyen Post Office, the receipt of dossiers and the return of administrative procedure settlement results through public postal service has created favorable conditions for businesses and people, reducing a lot of effort and costs of time; at the same time, increasing professionalism, publicity and connection, contributing to reducing pressure on state agencies. This has helped Thai Nguyen concretize the goal of promoting administrative reform, building a companion and serving the government.

In 2021, the Provincial Post Office received and delivered 178,374 documents and procedures; Coordinating with tax authorities to authorize tax collection for business households of VND96,945 million from 12,769 households.

In parallel with the above tasks, over the past time, the unit has focused on effectively implementing Decision 152/QD-BDVN-HDTV dated September 21st, 2020 of Vietnam Post Corporation on approving the project "Development Post office - Communal Culture associated with community service activities". Accordingly, the unit has always determined that nearly 140 post office-communal culture points throughout the province will be an extension arm to deploy the State's services and projects on social security.

After more than one year of operation, Thai Nguyen Provincial Public Administration Service Center has well promoted its role as the focal point for receiving and handling administrative procedures of individuals and organizations. Contributing to this result, the Provincial Post Office has arranged a service counter at the Center, ready to receive and return administrative procedure results when needed, which is highly appreciated by people and businesses. The good implementation of public postal services has brought many practical benefits: significantly reducing costs, time, ensuring traffic safety for people, and contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Thai Nguyen Post Office has focused on mobilizing a lot of resources on renovating the operation of the post office - communal culture points. Particularly in 2021, the unit has renovated and repaired 16 post office - communal culture points with degraded facilities, and opened 16 new points. In particular, the Provincial Post Office has promulgated a support mechanism for the specialized force managing post office - communal culture points, organizing business training classes as well as implementing effective emulation programs, contributing to improving the efficiency of post office - communal culture points. At the same time, it has sped up the transformation of post office - communal culture points into a fourth level service model, creating a focal point to connect with local government agencies, units and organizations, ensuring the goal of serving the community, welcoming the wave of digital transformation.

“In the coming time, Thai Nguyen Provincial Post Office will continue to implement innovative programs to improve the operational efficiency of the post office - communal culture points, replicating the model of Head of post office - communal culture points; closely following the service business program, promoting public administrative services. At the same time, it will develop and integrate IT solutions, focusing on training, having mechanisms and policies to encourage employees to make efforts, improving work efficiency to meet the increasing needs of customers," said Director Do Hai Nguyen.

By Vietnam Business Forum