Thai Nguyen Business Association Promoting Socioeconomic Development

9:04:32 AM | 4/3/2022

Acting as a focal point for businesses and the government to work together, the Thai Nguyen Business Association has importantly contributed to building mechanisms and policies to promote and assist local enterprises, thus giving a helping hand to the province to realize the goal of socioeconomic development and making Thai Nguyen province a leading light in investment attraction.

The Thai Nguyen Business Association was established on March 18, 2013 and held the first congress in April 2013 with 108 members. Up to now, the association has about 900 active members and connects and supports the community of nearly 8,000 local businesses.

The association has successfully completed its programs and goals to help local socioeconomic development; improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI); and create an increasingly favorable business environment for enterprises and investors. Some of its member companies have continuously grown and reached out to the world market, including TNG Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, Nui Phao Mining and Processing Co., Ltd., Hoang Binh Tea Joint Stock Company and Ha Thai Tea Joint Stock Company. Its member companies also provide stable and regular jobs for many workers who are paid an average salary of VND6.5-14 million a month.

2021 was a challenging and difficult year for the economy in general and the business community of Thai Nguyen province in particular. The Thai Nguyen Business Association upheld the spirit of solidarity and mutual sharing to overcome hardships to realize the dual goals and gradually restore production. Thus, the association helped stabilize jobs for workers, ensure social security and achieve local economic development goals.

The association promptly introduced pandemic prevention measures and economic development policies to its members, especially policies and solutions enabling production, trading, distribution, debt restructuring, tax break and fee reduction. At the same time, it actively supported and encouraged its members to overcome difficulties, strengthen resilience, and adapt to new production and business conditions. The association has raised nearly VND30 billion for programs launched by the province.

In addition, fostering its bridging role for businesses and authorities, the association regularly monitors and surveys business operations of its member enterprises. Then, it promptly grasps emerging difficulties and problems, and reports recommendations and proposals of member enterprises to all levels of government to remove bottlenecks and support enterprises. At the same time, the association has actively coordinated with relevant departments to advise the Provincial People’s Committee, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and other agencies to work out mechanisms and policies, organize promotions to call for investment, attract investment capital and propose solutions to enhance the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

The association launched some movements like “Thai Nguyen businesses integrate and develop” and “Thai Nguyen promotes digital transformation program”; helped implement Resolution 01 of the Provincial Party Committee on digital government, business support and development; improved business environment, enhanced PCI, served people and businesses; and accelerated rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development.

Especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected local business operations and local enterprises needed to work together, the association has included this program to its goals and plans to create a mechanism to encourage its members to join.

Furthermore, the association boosts trade promotion, trade connection, legal support and member development. Besides, during the pandemic, many member businesses still achieve high growth rates.

Chairman Nguyen Van Thoi said that the Thai Nguyen Business Association will continue to direct businesses to maintain production and business, and achieve plans and goals in the coming time. At the same time, member enterprises are encouraged to overcome difficulties and propose innovative initiatives in management and production.

By Vietnam Business Forum