Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd Sharing Benefits, Linking with the Community

1:10:01 PM | 24/5/2019

Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd was established in 2010 from the transformation of Kon Ray Agriculture, Industry and Forestry Development Investment and Service Company to manage, protect and develop forests. Immediately after the transformation, the company quickly reorganized the workforce and closely managed and protected forests. Its efforts have not only revived forests but also improved its operational performance.

 Currently, Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd is managing 29,238.68 ha of forestland, including 26,318.94 ha of natural forest, 1,637.23 ha of planted forest and 1282.51 ha of unforested land. In addition to the forestland in three communes of Dak Koi, Tan Lap and Dak Pne in Kon Ray district, the company also manages some forestland under Program 327 and Project 661 in Dak To Lung commune.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quy, Deputy Director of Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd, said, defining forest management, protection, construction and development as a crucial task, the company seriously and effectively manages and protects forests and forestland allocated by the State. The company regularly coordinates with local authorities to patrol, inspect and root up illegal logging in the area and sets up ranger points to prevent illegal logging and forest product trafficking.

Besides, forest fire prevention and firefighting is a top priority of Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd. In light of the operating principle “Prevention is key; firefighting is effective, timely,” in the 2016 - 2018 period, the company issued many guiding documents on forest fire prevention and firefighting on forest stands, directed forest enterprises and forest ranger stations to build and strictly implement forest fire prevention and fighting measures in the localities it managed. The company instructed its employees to seriously watch out for fire prevention and firefighting 24 hours a day during the dry season. Moreover, the company actively cooperated with local authorities and relevant forces to communicate and disseminate laws on forest protection and management and forest fire prevention and fighting to all people in forest stands. Hence, in the past years, no forest fires occurred in company-managed areas.

To hand over forest land to people living near forests and on forest edges, in 2016 - 2020, Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd signed contracts to transfer 14,124.17 ha of forests to 14 communities. Contractual handover and protection of forests helped improve livelihoods of people living on forests. At the same time, the company also raised incomes for people and prevented abuse of forest resources. In addition to develop the forest area, in the 2016 - 2018 period, the company replaced ​​419.52 ha of forests; directed its forestry branches to regularly coordinate with forest construction units to patrol forests, prevent and extinguish fires, and replant forests.

Earning revenue from forest environmental services, afforestation, pine resin extraction, Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd had very effective business performance. In 2018, the company made revenue of VND20.89 billion, pre-tax profit of VND1.95 billion and tax payment of VND510 million.

The company also actively works together with the government to engage its employees to join many social security and community activities such as donating funds for the poor, gratitude funds, study encouragement funds and orphan support funds. Last but not least, the company pays attention to improving spiritual and material life of employees, protects their legitimate rights and interests, increases their exchanges, studies and field trips to partners’ facilities, and inspires them to work harder for the company.

“In the coming time, we will explore and build FSC-certified forest areas to manage forests better, achieve high environmental and social standards, thus demonstrating corporate social responsibility,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Quy, Deputy Director of Kon Ray Forestry Co., Ltd.

Cong Luan



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