Entrepreneur Pham Duc Thuyen: The Journey of Building an Everlasting Brand

10:17:15 AM | 2/12/2020

After sacrificing their youth to the nation or the end of the war, soldiers leave the army and return to normal life. They join the economic front where there is no sound of bomb and ammunition explosions, but it is full of hardship and struggle. Upholding the virtues of Uncle Ho's soldiers, with their bravery and endeavor, many veterans become business heroes and frontline leaders of international integration and national development. Entrepreneur Pham Duc Thuyen, Chairman of the Board of Members cum General Director of Phu Dat Production - Trading Co., Ltd. is a typical example.

Japanese quality, Vietnamese price

When we came to visit Phu Dat Company's production factory in Go Cong Dong district (Tien Giang province), the working atmosphere was very urgent to meet export orders. This shows that Phu Dat already recovered "normal state" quite soon and maintained stable manufacturing despite the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world.

Phu Dat Company was much affected by COVID-19 epidemic which broke out early this year. Fortunately, the management led the company to adapt to new market developments and take appropriate business solutions. At the same time, the company has maintained a close and effective cooperation relationship with partners and the workforce. As a result, it has managed to ensure operational performance, even growth, as compared to previous years, because many peers in other countries had to stop production.

Entrepreneur Pham Duc Thuyen, born in 1958 in Thai Binh province, served in the army a long time and then moved to work at Ho Chi Minh City Seafood Exporting Company. In 1989, he resigned and established Thinh Phu Company in Ho Chi Minh City, which made netting for high-tech agriculture and aquaculture.

In 2008, to expand business operations, he established Phu Dat Company and built a factory in Go Cong Dong district (Tien Giang province). “This was my bold step because doing this here was very difficult due to poor traffic infrastructure and low-skilled labor supply. What allayed my concerns to make my investment here were the sincerity and openness of local authorities,” he said.

At present, the 3.2-hectare factory is equipped with modern machinery and technology imported from Japan. The facility manufactures fencing nets for farms, pergola nets for growing cucumber, asparagus, peas, insect nets, shade nets, nets to fend off birds and wild animals, shade nets for greenhouse farming in winter. It also makes fishing tools like net cages for oyster and pearl culture, and fishing traps. All products are used for high-tech agriculture and aquaculture and made from environmentally friendly materials.

The factory has a separate production campus to ensure absolute safety of waste, exhaust gas and wastewater according to ISO 9001:2015 international standards and 5S tools. Currently, Phu Dat Company is employing more than 600 workers and generating jobs for hundreds of local people with a stable income from VND8-10 million.

In particular, all Phu Dat products are exported to Japan (90%) and South Korea (10%). To meet strict requirements of these demanding markets, the company always focuses on ensuring input and output quality, reasonable product price and timely delivery to create absolute trust and long-term affection of customers.

In addition, Phu Dat is currently researching and developing products for the domestic market as it desires to help develop high-tech agriculture and raise income for farmers. During his business trips to Japan to meet with his partners, Mr. Thuyen has acquired more knowledge for application in agricultural production in Vietnam.

“In recent years, when the demand for high-tech agriculture in Vietnam is increasing, our products have been present in many localities. With the motto ‘Japanese quality, Vietnamese price’, our products have helped many businesses, cooperatives and farmers to change their production," he said.

Upholding vanguard approach

After more than 10 years of operation, Phu Dat Company was honored to be awarded two National Quality Awards, especially the gold class in 2018. In addition, the company won Tien Giang Business Excellence Award in eight consecutive years and the Business and Entrepreneur of Mekong Delta, presented by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI). Especially in 2019, Phu Dat was awarded the Emulation Flag by the Government. The above achievements have motivated the company to reach out in the international arena and the next goal is to win the Asia-Pacific Quality Award

After 30 years of building his career, despite facing numerous difficulties in the way, entrepreneur Pham Duc Thuyen always thinks that his current success is just his best luck. But, it is understood that his success is a long process of learning, endeavoring and working with bravery, wisdom and discipline.

After decades of hard work, many choose to retire and rest when they are in their sixties, but Thuyen is different because there is a spirit of always being on the move in his heart. With its prestige, Phu Dat Company was recently licensed by the Tien Giang Provincial People’s Committee to invest VND180 billion in construction of a 10.5-ha fishing logistics service area in Kieng Phuoc commune, Go Cong Dong district.

The project includes a fishery fishing gear factory, an ice factory and a frozen warehouse for fishing boats, a seafood processing factory, and a fishmeal processing factory. When it is in operation, the project will be the growth engine for the commercial fishing and seafood processing industry, not only for Tien Giang but also for neighboring localities, generate many jobs and increase budget incomes for the local government. To ensure the performance of the project and the long-term development strategy, entrepreneur Pham Duc Thuyen called on two foreign joint venture partners to pool their money.

A bridge for investors

Not only being successful with his business, Thuyen is also very dedicated to local business development. As the Vice Chairman of the Tien Giang Business Association and the Chairman of the Go Cong Dong Business Association, he noted down difficulties faced by local enterprises and promptly sent recommendations to relevant authorities for consideration and solution. He also opined and consulted the province’s leaders on improving the business investment environment and boosting socioeconomic development.

Furthermore, he actively introduces and promotes potential, strengths and business policies of Tien Giang to domestic and national partners to recommend them to make investment and do business in the province. With his reputation with Japanese partners, he has become a bridge for many Japanese businesses to explore and expand their investment in Vietnam in general and Tien Giang province in particular.

By Ngoc Tung, Vietnam Business Forum